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New Swarovski product announcement in January 2024...? (1 Viewer)

I think it will be a beautiful set of handkerchiefs with Swaro logo printed on it. Especially for those who are still whining :cry: about their non existing armour problems..... Will be a sales hit on this forum.....
Non-existant armour problems? Even you might want to wake up to reality some time.

But probably not.

If Swarovski made an 8x42 with image stabilisation it would certainly be an attractive proposition. I would want the image stabilisation to effectively be added on to a normal birding binocular, and so I wouldn't want the image stabilisation used as an excuse to ramp up the magnification (e.g. 16x42). I would also be a bit nervous about the cost. An 8x42 NL Pure with the headrest at full RRP is already heading towards £3,000. There would be a premium for the image stabilisation - so £4,000? The image stabilisation also makes the binoculars a lot more fragile (and frankly limits their useful lifespan - see the issues with the Canon 10x42 IS L). Although technically dazzling I wonder if a binocular like that would actually be worth the money.
Congratulations, you have a sample of one which is in tip top condition. Your previous post spoke about other persons, that they somehow are imagining their armour problems?
Highly exaggerated, only existing on this forum and, as far as there is a problem, it can easily be prevented by taking care of the bino's (clean them up, don't use DEET, don't leave them in the sun when not in use, etc., etc.
Highly exaggerated, only existing on this forum and, as far as there is a problem, it can easily be prevented by taking care of the bino's (clean them up, don't use deep, don't leave them in the sun when not in use, etc., etc.
'only existing on this forum', 'easily prevented' ... that's quite a slap in the face to the considerable number of folk who have paid out thousands of euros for a product that they should reasonably expect not to fall apart. You are wrong - quite a number of posters did provide photographs of armour failures where they reported to have never used DEET, where they have looked after them and where they have predominantly used them in the less than sunblessed UK.

If you don't believe them, that's up to you, but probably no need to drag another thread down that alley.
If there is a new model upcoming, I hope they disclose if it has the new dreadful lowlife armor that has been hashed
on here.
I hope they have come to their senses and just go back to what works well.
Probably a stay-on case for their binoculars to protect the armour from falling apart.
I actually rather like the sound of this - offering the binoculars in traditional leatherette with a jacket (like the ones used on scopes) would solve the deteriorating armour problem while giving the binoculars probably a similar level of protection. Of course you'd have to pay for the jacket, just like you do the headrest...
I guess it's for each barrel! 😎
But whatever: it's Swarovski clothes so it's surely high grade fabrics...
But these binocular warmers don't have a fleecey bit to cover the bare metal parts on the bridge to keep your fingertips and thumbtips warm. Or maybe that is an additional optional part will be another $350? Another accessory might be a fleece cover for the headrest to keep your forehead from getting cold :LOL:

Tehri, when I first saw it, I thought he is at it again, then......begin to wonder, wow... he did a great job with photo shop.
They cannot be serious.
Now the rubber armor needs protection, LMOL.
Dear Swaro engineers, please listen 😀
I'd really appreciate a high mag NL with an excellent field of view and 20mm ER.

The SLC 15x56 is a nice piece of bins but no fun if you wear glasses.

My Vortex 18x56 UHD is a sturdy workhorse, even with glasses, but optically it doesn't come close to the quality of an SLC or NL.

So Swaro, please finally show us updated versions of a 15x56, 18x56 or 20x56 that reflect the state of the art from 2023 and set the bar to a new level.

Cheers B)

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