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Swarovski compared to Vortex (2 Viewers)

If you are looking at the Swarovski EL 10x42, it would be very comparable to the Vortex Razor UHD 10x42. In fact, I think the Razor’s are superior in many ways. They are brighter, have a bigger FOV, closer focus, and they are just as sharp for over $600 less. The Razor's are slightly bigger and heavier, but that is about the only advantage the Swarovski has. Edge sharpness in either is about equal. Of course, the NL 10x42 is in another price class and has a much bigger FOV than either the Razor or the EL. I would side by side them, but I think you would pick the Razor over the EL. The Vortex warranty is unconditional and actually better than Swarovski's also. The glass used in the UHD is sensational. They are some of the brightest binoculars for the aperture I have seen.

Really Gives The Euros A Run​

By John
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We had the money, my wife was on-board, I was ready to pull the trigger on the Swarovski EL's. While trying the Swarovski's out at Cabelas, the salesman handed me a pair of the Razor UHD's. It was really an eyeopener, how good these binoculars are. Wider field of view, just as sharp, maybe a touch brighter. But I still convinced myself that the Swarovski's color rendition was better, richer, warmer. Weeks went by, and I just had to take another look. Maybe my eyes just aren't as discerning, but I thought the Vortex edged the EL's slightly in brightness, and field of view and equaled them in sharpness. The Swarovski color IS richer, but I don't feel it's as accurate. It could just be taste, but now I like the UHD's better. They are bigger, and a bit heavier, but for me, it helps steady them. The Vortex warranty stands alone. I am very happy with these binoculars and have no regrets. my wife and I enjoy them for birding. I really notice a difference from our former standard, the Nikon HG DCF. Highly recommended."

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Spot on…… I recently compared my vortex uhd’s to the EL’s and to my eyes I saw no real discernible difference - if anything imo I preferred the Uhd’s. I then tried my glass against the NL’s and the noticeable difference was the extra FOV with the NL’s. Clarity wise comparable I
imo. Will I be changing my bins to the NL’s. No - the Price difference + the potential armour issues with the EL’s and NL’s has made me hold fire for the time being
The UHD has great glass, but is way too big and bulky. If they put those optics in the Viper body they'd really have something.
Theyre about the same size as the SF and NL’s. I’ll try to do a side by side later with the NL. Here is the UHD42 next to the EDG , it’s longer (like SF, NL) but it’s actually thinner and tapered and balances very well. I don’t notice much difference at all when comparing to EL, NL and Noctivids. The length is due to the type of AK prisms, so won’t fit in the HD body, but that would’ve been nice.


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Swarovski compared to Vortex UHD , and a few others.


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Maybe this article can add something (it is another point of view):
That is really not fair comparing a 10x50 to a 10x42. That is a lot of aperture advantage. The Vortex looks huge next to the SLC. Interesting that he couldn't discern any difference between the two in low light. I would think the Vortex UHD being a 10x50 would kill the Swarovski SLC 10x42 in twilight.

Vortex UHD's are awesome (y)
I got a chance to compare the UHD and Viper in 12x50 yesterday and was thoroughly impressed with both.
Having not really cared for the EL, these are now in the running for whether to go Vortex or Ultravid now.
One thing that really startled me with the UHD was how they could focus so sharply, almost into the Papilio-zone. I was actually able to read the small print on the boxes directly in front of me behind the counter, and the extra length and weight over the Vipers made them very steady, much like the Ultravid.
I haven’t like any of the Diamondback series, but the Vipers and UHD are top notch binoculars absolutely for sure!

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