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Recent content by alexash

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    thursley, hampshire GB.

    Look's like a woodlark to me..
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    Wrynecks in Scotland

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg8gZouvVzM&feature=youtube_gdata_player Not found by me (although I have found singing Wryneck in the Highlands in the past) but I thought this deserved more than six views! Just shows what's lurking undetected up there.
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    Which Wood-Pewee, Costa Rica.

    On bill colour this looks like Western but the wingbars seem rather distinct-are there any reliable features for telling these two apart? The books are a bit vague. Did not call.
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    Seawatching on the pacific coast?!

    A quick update from Islita, I've only started looking at the sea in the past couple of weeks and on a very casual basis, it's been slow going but amongst the odd pelicans, frigates and Royal Terns I've had a couple of Brown Noddies heading north and on 19th had a Ist year Masked Booby, also...
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    Costa Rica tracks.

    Anyone got any idea what these are? My first thought was ocelot but the pads look a bit small. Found on the Nicoya Peninsula not far from Samara-the lighter is 8cm long. Cheers, Alex
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    Seawatching on the pacific coast?!

    Thanks for the quick replies, I'll certainly have a go and report back with anything interesting. I'd imagine there will be a lot of time looking looking at frigatebirds and pelicans but hopefully something more interesting will turn up. All the best, Alex
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    Seawatching on the pacific coast?!

    Hi All, I'm going to be moving to the Nicoya peninsula from the UK in early April (Playa Islita, just south of Samara) and although I'm aware of pelagic trips recording a good range of seabirds offshore I haven't found any info on land based observations. Has anybody tried this or is it a waste...
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    Nikon fit sigma 170-500mm-usable with a DSLR?

    Thanks for your help, that's just what I wanted to know, I'm visiting my mum later in the month so I'll have to dig it out of the attic and decide what to do with it. Cheers, Alex
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    Nikon fit sigma 170-500mm-usable with a DSLR?

    Hi guys, I bought a sigma 170-500mm lens second-hand in 2003 which I used with a Nikon film SLR, after a couple of years, however, I switched to digiscoping and this lens has remained in my mothers attic ever since. What I would like to know is whether this lens would be usable with a Nikon...
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    flying birds in northern Afghanistan in the fall?

    Look like Cranes to me, not such an obvious black/white contrast in the wing.
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    Moth ID, Sutherland.

    Thanks guys, Spot on. Alex
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    Moth ID, Sutherland.

    I'm torn between Clouded-bordered Brindle and Light Brocade (could be neither!), any help much appreciated, found dead in Lairg, Sutherland. Cheers, Alex
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    Sutherland Seawatching

    Hi All, I know we’re only just creeping in to summer but I’m already starting to weigh up my options for seawatching this autumn. I recently moved to Lairg in Sutherland, Lairg is fairly well situated to be able to reach the north, east and west coasts so I figure gales from most directions...
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    Backwater Birding - Seaton, Devon

    Hi All, I spent an hour at Coronation Corner from about 11.30, a dark-looking Iceland Gull was around for about 10 mins and just the one ad Med Gull. Also 14 Shoveler flew upriver. Cheers, Alex.
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    Your best find of 2008

    The BB's eluded me all year but not a bad list of scarce stuff including Rosefinch and 2 RB Shrikes on a memorable day on the The Farne Islands in the spring, Temminck's Stint and ad LT Skua in Aberdeenshire during the summer, 3 Sabs Gulls and 2 Leach's Petrels in Sutherland in early Autumn and...