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Recent content by Nick-on

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    Cyprus in autumn

    Went many years ago in mid september. The birding was very good but the weather was almost too hot, +28C Didn't enjoy the almost constant shooting at Akrotiri though. May be different now. Nick
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    Mayday farm- Goshawk

    I assume Mayday Farm was asked about as is a lot closer to Cambridge (OP's location). About 3 hours or so to FOD New Fancy View. FWIW I used to see them regularly at Mayday years ago, not seen any there recently but my visits are few and far between nowadays. Nick
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    King Eider

    The regular female is usually seen at the estuary mouth at Ynyslas just north of Borth/Abergavenny. Drive right to the end of the road and park on the beach. Been a few other good birds in the are recently as well - Hen Harrier, Twite, Water Pipit amongst others. HTH Nick
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    Kowa TSN 883 Too good to be true?

    There usually quite a few ads like this on amazon. I've seen them for Nikon and Swarovski scopes, usually asking you to contact them direct. They are ALL scams relying on greed to overcome common sense. Nick
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    Accipiters, Germany

    Me too. V long winged. Nick
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    Georgia (the country) in October?

    If you stay at Mestia and go to the new ski resort for access to the higher mountains be aware that there can be very heavy snowfalls even at the end of September. We were there 2 years ago and had about six inches of snow in a couple of hours which made birding very difficult. Nick
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    Questa 3.5" or Questar "Birder"

    No, it wasn't from a boat! I also saw the AM on Lundy through a Questar (don't know who's but thanks whoever you are/were) when it was sat on rocks at the base of the cliffs. Much better view than through my old Kowa. Nick
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    Warbler in woods south of Kiev, Ukraine.

    agree Phylloscopus sibilatrix Nick
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    NIKON introduces new Monarch HG 8x30 and 10x30 Binoculars

    Why stop at 7.7º, how about 6º or 4º. why just by turning your neck your smartie tubes will have 180º FOV. A wider FOV is better than a narrower FOV in nearly every instance. Just because you like a particular binocular doesn't change things. Gee. Nick
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    NIKON introduces new Monarch HG 8x30 and 10x30 Binoculars

    No it can't. Nick
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    Dielectric coating vs ED glass ?

    As far as the Hawke's go, I have recently purchased a pair for my wife and have had no complaints about them. They are light, bright, sharp and, for the price, appear very good value for the money. I have occasionally used them myself when looking at butterflies/dragonflies, when my Leica's...
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    When is a blackbird not a blackbird?

    My thoughts are.......It is a Blackbird. Nick
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    Best place to see Manx Shearwater UK

    If you want really good views you can stay overnight on Skomer https://www.welshwildlife.org/events/shearwater-week-the-manx-shearwater-experience/ and get to see the Shearwaters at extremely close quarters. Nick
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    Binocular Recommendations

    Can only help with the two Hawke models. Out of the two the new Frontier ED-X would be my choice, smaller and lighter with same field of view and close focus. When I tried them they were surprisingly good. Both have 19mm eye relief. If only one pair I would have a 42mm just for the times...
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    Advice please - need AA Barttery Powered Camera

    If you go to dpreview and go to camera search https://www.dpreview.com/products/search/cameras#! (cut and paste if the link doesn't work), if you click on the physical tab it enables you to select AA batteries which then gives you a list of cameras to choose from. You can also select compact or...