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Arabian Babbler

From Opus

Sexes similarPhoto © by ammadouxJeddah, Saudi Arabia, January 2016
Sexes similar
Photo © by ammadoux
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, January 2016
Argya squamiceps

Turdoides squamiceps


[edit] Identification

Subspecies yemensisPhoto © by WorldInFocusTaif, Saudi Arabia, February 2018
Subspecies yemensis
Photo © by WorldInFocus
Taif, Saudi Arabia, February 2018

26-29 cm (10¼-11½ in)

  • Grey-brown upperparts, with dark streaks on the back
  • Paler below
  • Whitish throat
  • Long curved bill
  • Long tail
  • Rounded wings
  • Strong legs and feet

[edit] Distribution

Africa, Middle East
Northern Africa: Egypt
Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates

[edit] Taxonomy

This species is sometimes placed in genus Turdoides.

[edit] Subspecies

There are 3 subspecies[1]:

  • A. s. squamiceps:
  • A. s. yemensis:
  • A. s. muscatensis:
  • Arabian coast of Gulf of Oman

[edit] Habitat

Acacia Desert, scrubland and savanna.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] Diet

Their diet consists of insects, small vertebrates, leaves, berries and seeds.

[edit] Breeding

They construct a large cup shaped nest from grass, twigs and other plant material. The clutch contains three to five turquoise eggs which are incubated for 13 to 14 days; the young birds fledge after about 14 days.

[edit] References

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