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RoastPotato Monday 31st December 2018 22:51

Disturbing a nest
I bought a house a few months ago and the previous owners had left behind a couple of bird houses around the property. I was hoping to run a small camera into one of the empty ones in the winter in the hopes that when a new bird comes to lay eggs Id be able to show my daughter the birds as the hatch and grow. But Ive heard if you disturb a birds nest they wont come back. Is this possible to do or would they avoid the nest in spring if I did this during the winter?

KC Foggin Monday 31st December 2018 23:08

I'm assuming the nest box is empty right now? If not, remove the old nest which should be done anyway after the breeding season and put in your camera. I'm assuming it will be somewhere near the top of the nest box.

Then if a bird starts building a nest in there you should have no problems as long as you or anyone else does not go near the nest box and viewing what you see through the camera from afar.

Hi RP and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

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