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"They probably won't appreciate it. Like you said, turkey hunting is a tough go, and having some chatty birder come along and scare away the turkeys you just spend all morning calling in probably won't go over that well. I happened along a guy practicing calls the other day in the local area. I didn't talk to him but he left when he saw me and gave me a look that wasn't particularly a "nice to see you" look."


You are correct. Actually, though I didn't say it clearly, I was referring to a chance meeting one might have at a parking area, roadside, etc. which is where you might most likely meet a hunter. In the woods, I usually just give a friendly, silent wave and move on past them.

My overall point though is that hunters and birders can share the woods together. If one is really paranoid about being shot, there are lots of places to do birding where you will not encounter turkey hunters during the few weeks that they would have for their season.

I really feel that one of the biggest threats to the environment is apathy as people become more & more removed from direct contact with nature. If someone wants to enjoy nature by going turkey hunting in the spring, thats great! They will likely eventually have a vested interest in protecting wild areas. Whether someone is hunting, fishing, birding, photographing, etc. - people who love the natural world will likely try to pass that appreciation down to their children & we will all be better of for it.

The other alternative is that of people not spending time in the natural world, not learning to appreciate it, not caring about it, not passing the respect for it to their children & not being concerned enough about it for it to affect their actions or decisions at the voting booth.

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