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Originally Posted by Taphrospilus View Post
I have a question about Anthracothorax viridigula . We can find the OD here. Pieter Boddaert refered to Buffon here and Latham here. But what is...

Trochilus viridigula, LINN. Gen. 66
Martin, I assume Boodaert's reference (and OD) of "Trochilus viridigula, LINN. Gen. 66", in the 1783 work, aims only at the Generic name Trochilus (Richmond card, here), as in; Genera No. 66. TROCHILUS (in Linnaeus' Systema naturae, 12th Ed., 1766 (here), i.e. No. 60 (in Linnaeus' Systema naturae, 10th Ed., 1758 (here alt. here).

Compare with the preceding species in Boddaert's 1783 work "Certhia violacea, LINN. Gen. 65.", that takes us to Genera No. 65 CERTHIA, on p.184, in the same work/edition of Linnaeus (1766).

If not; I have no idea.


PS. Ooups! Laurent's reply (with a similar conclusion), wasn't posted when I started to type. Sorry for cross-posting.

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