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Spent whole 9 hours at the Flashes. From 12.30 it rained almost continuously until I left at 8.3pm.
This did raise the level a little but no more than 1cm. However all the shallow channels in the 'delta' and in front of the hide were well and truly wet and many waders did feed in these and in the previously dry shoreline along the meadow and 'saucer'.
I spent 3 hours or so in the cuckoo hide and was well impressed by the number of reed warblers foraging in the reeds and adjacent scrub. There were also a handful of sedge, chiffs and blackcap and a brood of 2 cetti's warbler. Reed bunting were also well represented. 2 kingfishers chased one another around the 1st Flash. A juv little grebe was heard begging in the Hen pool and it's parents regularly trilled.
During the first heavy showers 2 summer plumaged dunlin dropped in and joined the juvenile that we already present.
Many of the fledged avocet and their mothers fed in the 1st Flash as there was probably a food shortage due to the critically low water level in the 2nd Flash.
The area in front of the meadow where the old dead hedgeline is called the ' Gulley' and was holding many waders after 4 hours of the deluge.
At 5.45pm the Blackwit called, thinking it was about to leave I was pleasantly surprised when it got a reply and a flock of 18 circled and settled in the ' central area'.
The rain continued and by the time I left the ' central ' area was crammed with all the Blackwits, 30 Avocets. and many of the small waders.

Species Count FLASHES :
Little grebe 2
Teal 12. Shoveler fem. Mallard c100 including 12 broods. Tufted 3 +1 chick adopted by a mallard brood. Avocet 43 (22 juv/chicks ). Curlew 3. oystercatcher. Black Tailed godwit 19. lapwing 35. dunlin 3.LRP 8 (2ads + 2 juvs). (ad +juv).and our pair attempting to nest. Green sand 7. Common sand 4.
Med gull 2ads +chick almost fully fledged. BHG 300 max brood of 2 chicks just days old.
Kingfisher 2. swift 20. stock dove 45.
Reed warbler 20. sedge 5. Cetti's family. blackcap. chiffchaff. sand martin 40.
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