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  1. Burmese Shrike

    Burmese Shrike

    Watched this shrike hunting insects and waited about an hour or so until it returned to its preferred perch.
  2. Green-headed Tanager

    Green-headed Tanager

    https://www.APOIA.se/bigbirdbrasil https://www.instagram.com/bigbirdbrasil/
  3. Golden-chevroned Tanager

    Golden-chevroned Tanager

    https://www.APOIA.se/bigbirdbrasil https://www.instagram.com/bigbirdbrasil/
  4. Band-tailed Seedeater

    Band-tailed Seedeater

  5. Dark-billed Cuckoo

    Dark-billed Cuckoo

  6. Double-collared Seedeater

    Double-collared Seedeater

  7. Wren


    The best perch to show me the insects for his offspring. LOL.
  8. Double-collared Seedeater

    Double-collared Seedeater

  9. Hooded tinamou

    Hooded tinamou

    We were watching an antpitta at the feeder, when we suddenly noticed this tinamou had crept in and was watching the scene just a few meters behind! I was able to get a few shots of this tricky species before he wandered off into the forest.
  10. Paddyfield pipit

    Paddyfield pipit

    The ultimate challenge. One, yes, only one sharp picture of this species from hundreds of pictures of almost a dozen of these pipits there on that day. Very hot, crawling on my belly on dry pasture and rewarded with a plethora of burrs waiting to be removed after a close heat stroke for hours...
  11. Greyish Mourner

    Greyish Mourner

  12. Tropical Screech-Owl

    Tropical Screech-Owl

  13. High in the tree

    High in the tree

    and high noon for the first fledgling of the Manton Bay osprey nest; if my observation was not too late.
  14. Spot-billed Toucanet

    Spot-billed Toucanet

  15. Sunbird Anthreptes malacensis

    Sunbird Anthreptes malacensis

    Male bird in the early morning.
  16. White-bellied Dacnis

    White-bellied Dacnis

    A rare dacnis, this was actually the first ebird record for Pasco department!
  17. Clark's Nutcracker

    Clark's Nutcracker

    Note its powerful woodpecker-like bill used to extract pine nuts which these striking black and gray corvids store up for the winter. This species is usually restricted to high elevation boreal forests in Western North America. This individual shows a dark accent mark behind its eye and around...
  18. Roseate spoonbill AND Snowy Egret Port St Lucie, Fl

    Roseate spoonbill AND Snowy Egret Port St Lucie, Fl

    I was out looking for a bird that I had seen earlier when it was raining. I came across these Spoonbills feeding and this other bird. I have checked Merlin and a couple of others and have not seen anything close to it. If you know please let me know. Was also posted in the Id forum and was given...
  19. Carolina Chickadee..jpg

    Carolina Chickadee..jpg

    Good lighting on this one. Today I have roofers re-roofing my house and believe it or not it's not raining.
  20. Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner

    Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner



    I shot this over the weekend also of this mama Mottled Duck watching over her babies as they were swimming around. She keeps them in the shallow part of the run off from one lake to another. One side has several Alligators and the other I think is clear of gators but I am not sure. For the most...
  22. Slaty-backed forktail

    Slaty-backed forktail

    Can you imagine how it feels, to sit on the ground under camo nets, near a river, with dense vegetation in the back; in a country with many snakes. A wonderful forktail surprise for me because I could take pictures of a White-crowned forktail, in a paid hide at Siriphum Waterfall in the NP, as well.
  23. Eastern Kingbird

    Eastern Kingbird

    Note the white tip to the tail. This is the most widespread of the kingbirds in North America and the only species to breed in most of the East. It is a long distance migrant with virtually the entire population wintering in the western Amazon Basin in South America. Unlike most songbirds...


    Mama teaching fledgling daughter ho\w to get a snack from an upside down suet feeder.
  25. Boat-tailed Grackle

    Boat-tailed Grackle

    These showy blackbirds are common in wetlands along the upper Texas coast where they overlap with the similar Great-tailed Grackle which tends to replace it in agricultural and settled areas. This is a male. Formerly lumped with the Great-tailed Grackle, this species was split by the AOU in...