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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Just landed

    Just landed

    We had a couple of Yellowhammers around that afternoon, this one landed just as I was looking for something else, right in line with my camera LOL
  2. Turbine and Kestrel

    Turbine and Kestrel

    This Kestrel seems to be either getting cooled off or is trying to create a breeze to make the turbine blades move LOL Sorry it's a bit oof, but that turbine is about a mile away, don't really know how far the Kes is. One thing I'd been looking forward to with this camera was trying to take...
  3. Spectator


    In the grass beside the track where the Skylark was enjoying his bath, was a Yellowhammer, I'm sure he was wondering what was going on. It had been a while since I'd seen them on the patch, so that day was sure turning into a red letter day LOL I've a feeling they may be recovering from the...
  4. Dust bathing Round 4

    Dust bathing Round 4

    No, you didn't miss rounds 2 and 3, I've omitted them!! The Skylark kept up his dust bathing for ages, gradually getting closer to us. It really was so entertaining to watch. This picture is towards the end of his last go at it. Saturday Fun
  5. Invasion


    I could have given you a picture of a single Northern Wheatear, but this was the first time I'd managed to find 4 together on my patch; think they'd just arrived. We were certainly being treated that day, what with yesterday's Skylark too. Remember that big black hole in the dyke (wall)... it...
  6. Bliss


    We had a wonderful session on my Up the Hill patch a couple of weeks ago. Not just one but two pairs of Wheatears were just arrived and this Eurasian Skylark spent ages enjoying a dust bath! I really liked this pose I captured. Saturday Fun Sorry to be so late with this, as I was half way...
  7. Nuts are old hat!

    Nuts are old hat!

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker seems to prefer having fatballs on his diet today!! I think they must be nesting a bit away from the feeding station, as I've not seen either of them for a couple of weeks now. Unless, of course, they're coming when I'm not there.
  8. Hungry


    I don't often get pictures of Great Crested Grebe, at least not good ones, but this guy was a little closer than normal. He'd caught a huuuge fish and seemed to be having trouble swallowing it, but it disappeared eventually. Anyone able to ID it? Saturday Fun
  9. Maybe the last.....

    Maybe the last.....

    ..... picture of one for a bit. Don't think I've seen a Long-tailed Tit up at Mause since this one (did at the other feeders the other day). Actually thinking a bit harder, that's not quite true... had a fleeting glimpse of one, but before my hand had even reached the camera he was gone. But he...
  10. Shy


    What a thrill it was to see a Yellowhammer after such a long time; think it was way back in May last year since one had visited the Mause feeders. Didn't give much of a view though, did he LOL Saturday Fun
  11. View point

    View point

    Ken has an eye condition which makes it difficult to see some things. Anyway we were having our lunch up at my patch whe he said - "What's that... is it something?". I asked where he was looking. Don't know he said!! Very helpful. Anyway I gave him the camera to see if he could get a picture...
  12. Do you think he'll mind....

    Do you think he'll mind....

    ..... if I go and get some? At our Mause feeders, this cheeky Coal Tit, looked like he was sizing up the risk of being caught by the Chaffinch LOL. Saturday fun
  13. Favourite post

    Favourite post

    We came down from off the foggy ski slopes and decided on taking the 'long road' home; turning off at Cray towards Forter. As we climbed up the hill there we found a couple of Eurasian Oystercatchers on fence posts. Another passing car pushed them into the air but they landed on the other side...
  14. Better not go fishing

    Better not go fishing

    A couple of weekends ago we decided to go up to Glenshee to see if, for once, I could get a glimpse of Ptarmigan in their winter dress. But, as usual, as we climbed to the top the cloud was right down to the road. Cup of coffee later, we changed tack and decided to take the long road home by a...
  15. A sort of first

    A sort of first

    What excitement I had a couple of weeks ago, when I got up to have a look at what might be going on at my feeders. I saw a movement in the hedge and what should pop out but this Blackcap! The first I'd seen since a female paid a 1 day visit my first winter in this flat 30 years ago just about...
  16. Gate Crasher

    Gate Crasher

    It was so pleasing to have Long-tailed Tits, visiting our new Mause feeders. However, this Blue Tit thinks "they're not going to stop me getting fed, however many of them there are!!" Saturday Fun
  17. Robby


    The frustrating Sunday continued, albeit with some quality bird sightings! We entered a sharp bend when we heard a Robin singing, so I pulled in to a field gateway so we could look around. Eventually I spotted it in the hedgerow (which had been well and truly mangled by the looks of it). It was...
  18. Let's Twist Again

    Let's Twist Again

    We had a bit a frustrating day the other week. Decided to go to Balgavies reserve near Forfar. When we arrived it was to find the car park closed, with no other information. We went to the viewpoint car park just along the road and sat there with a cup of coffee. Then moved on driving round a...
  19. Some birds....

    Some birds....

    ..... can be tricky to identify from the back, unless you get a handy head turn. Not so with Long-tailed Tits LOL, they can't be mistaken for anything else in our trees. In addition they usually arrive mob-handed. Saturday Fun
  20. January Sunset  .jpg

    January Sunset .jpg

    I was just thinking it was possibly time to draw the curtains, when I looked up and saw this magnificent sunset through the window. Jumped up, quick change of camera settings and.... beautiful rich colours! Don't often see one quite so good as this.
  21. Peanut lover

    Peanut lover

    A handsome Great Tit filling his tummy on the peanuts at our Mause feeders. I think the tree in the background makes a rather nice colourful backdrop, Not sure which type of pine it is.
  22. Going Boss-eyed

    Going Boss-eyed

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker wondering what on earth is stuck on the end of her bill and how the heck to get rid of it! Saturday Fun
  23. Athletic


    Well what other title could I use with the World Athletics Championships coming from Glasgow LOL!!? We arrived at the feeders to find this Common Pheasant sitting on top of a gate post, perhaps it was warmer on his feet up there as the ground was rather frozen with snow on the ground.
  24. Ignatius

    CP+ 2024

    Here are some images of the Nikon booth at tzhis year's CP+ show, courtesy of Optyczne.pl
  25. All the sixes!

    All the sixes!

    I've shown you a good dose of Long-tailed Tits at the Craighall Feeders, but the only visit we'd had at Mause was back in the spring last year. It was therefore a wonderful surprise to see six of them call in at the end of January (and still visiting today as it happens). Gorgeous wee...