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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Goldfinch gesticulating

    Goldfinch gesticulating

    It was them, honest!
  2. Scozmos

    Meet the 'peckers

    I've been photographing a pair of GSW for the last couple of years and sometimes capture a video or two so, I'm going to collect their story this year, if possible, in the hope they'll bring the youngsters back again. Looks like pop has been nest building already. Meet the 'peckers 2024
  3. Yellowhammers in evening light

    Yellowhammers in evening light

    The back and side gardens overlook fields so there's different selection of birds in these areas. This shot almost SooC, resized only.
  4. Scozmos

    Chaos in the garden on snowy day

    February 9th saw a day of sleet and snow with cold wind blowing all day. The birds flocked to the feeders, mainly Chaffinch but a good showing of five or more Brambling made it a good day for me and the camera. February 9th in the snow
  5. Brambling male posing for the camera.jpg

    Brambling male posing for the camera.jpg

    A pair (or three) Brambling showed up in the garden for a couple of days with a flock of Chaffinch
  6. Clods of earth

    Clods of earth

    My friend and I set off last Sunday, a bit unsure where to go, but first of all we went to investigate the flooded areas between Alyth and Meigle, from which I picked up a few year ticks. Then we went on a drive round the hills towards Kinnordy. On route we stopped to scan around some stubble...
  7. Large flock of Linnet with a Reed Bunting and Brambling.jpg

    Large flock of Linnet with a Reed Bunting and Brambling.jpg

    One of the last shots of 2023, a surprise flock of Linnet perched in one of the trees next to the house and on very close examination I discovered a Reed Bunting female and a Brambling in there too
  8. Treecreeper creeping

    Treecreeper creeping

    The treecreeper has decided to return to the trees outside the window :)
  9. Angry bird

    Angry bird

    A ruckus outside caught my attention, this Mistle Thrush was shouting and having a go at and just about everything else in the garden!
  10. Here today, gone tomorrow, that's me!

    Here today, gone tomorrow, that's me!

    A glance out the window and I noticed a different looking Chaffinch in the crowd!
  11. Grey Partridge parent

    Grey Partridge parent

    The reason I was looking out the window and saw the Mistle Thrush, the partridge family came to visit
  12. Morning visitor

    Morning visitor

    Just happened to look out the window and .....
  13. Where's my mom?

    Where's my mom?

    Young Great Spotted Woodpecker on the garden fence
  14. Mistle Thrush in the garden

    Mistle Thrush in the garden

    This bird visits regularly but, is it a young bird? Is that yellow gape I see?
  15. Rook youngster

    Rook youngster

    Being woken up early (ish) by this young bird with its parents. A pair brought a youngster last year, same pair I wonder? Are those markings on the wings normal?
  16. I'm not a bantam, am I?

    I'm not a bantam, am I?

    The Rooks and Crows have been visiting the garden. in the wee early hours, two Rook families with young this morning. This little one came back on its own later, not that sure which it is?
  17. Expression, Intelligence?

    Expression, Intelligence?

    A Rook has started coming to the garden to grab food recently, fascinating to watch
  18. Dipper juvenile under instruction

    Dipper juvenile under instruction

    Capture yesterday during a walk along the Den of Alyth, a forest ravine which the burn of Alyth runs through and the sun light only just manages to light up in the afternoons. My first Dipper youngster.
  19. Jackdaw in the rain

    Jackdaw in the rain

    I get the feeling this one bird keeps coming back to the garden, there're plenty around but, just a feeling, there's usually one hanging around. Anyway, taken through the window on the same rainy day as the poor Yellowhammer.
  20. The fog must have spoilt his view in the mirror!

    The fog must have spoilt his view in the mirror!

    Last Sunday we headed off up into the hills and glens.... the further up we got the thicker became the mist, until it was real fog!!! We stopped for lunch at a favoured spot where we'd seen quite a few species the year before.... but oh so quiet just the occasional Meadow Pipit or Skylark...
  21. Nuthatch food sharing at the nest hole

    Nuthatch food sharing at the nest hole

    I spotted this nest site a couple of weeks back and re-visited today on a walk, great to see the birds still building and as is the case with many photographs, great to be in the right place at the right time, for a food share. I'll try to keep an eye on the nest from here on.
  22. Fluffed on the fence

    Fluffed on the fence

    There are a couple of young GSW that visit the garden daily, this one always perches on the fence for a good look around before deciding where it's going next :)
  23. Did he hear the shutter?

    Did he hear the shutter?

    This Pheasant visits the garden regularly, fun to watch and photograph his antics
  24. Tree Creeper resting

    Tree Creeper resting

    This wee bird has been appearing briefly for a few days now but, today, it decided total its time and browse the snacks available on the tree right outside my window
  25. Tree Creeper posing on the tree trunk

    Tree Creeper posing on the tree trunk

    This lovely wee bird has appeared over the last few days but always fleeting glimpses, tonight it came out to pick through the moss at the base of the tree outside my window :)