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  1. Oh dear

    Oh dear

    Not only hadn't I focused properly, but he flew just as I clicked!! Now two questions for you for Saturday Fun: 1: What is that flying off and 2: What is that beneath the fallen branch with the dark wings and barred breast Answers on an SAE please.... first correct gets a beer ;)
  2. Ghost


    There was so much activity at the feeders, with birds flying in, out and past, it was bound to happen! To me it's obvious what it is, what do you think? TTTW
  3. .... But one was kind....

    .... But one was kind....

    .... enough to pose nicely on a different feeder. Hope you don't mind another coalie picture, but there were a few of them around that day, it was hard to keep track of them LOL TTTW
  4. See-sawing


    One head came out, the other popped in!! I couldn't get a picture of both of them with their heads out of the feeding holes. Not fair is it! I had to go to Loch of the Lowes to stock up with their peanut butter, so take the opportunity to sit awhile and see what's around. The late afternoon...
  5. SAT FUN: Waiting

    SAT FUN: Waiting

    In the search for food, have your wading birds, and then you have your "waiting" birds. These birds are engaged in a behaviour I like to call "feederwaiting." In other words, just hanging around waiting for me to make a delivery. As you can see, the dove is particularly...
  6. Sharing a meal

    Sharing a meal

    It seems to me there is less domination and more sharing of the food on rainy day.
  7. Hey! It's good

    Hey! It's good

    August holiday time again and one of the Chaffinches on a feeder in my sister's garden. I wanted to be reminded that the sun does sometimes shine in this country;) TTTW
  8. Hungry Chaffinch

    Hungry Chaffinch

    AAP The feeders were very busy at Hauxley but it was a little dark under the trees. I hope the like the Chaffinch I got stuffing his face. Digiscoped.
  9. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker arriving to get a meal.
  10. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    I had a really busy half hour this morning, with birds attacking the feeders before I'd had time to fill them (or even wake up). Tits galore! I've not seen a Coal Tit since the picture I posted of him bathing back in April, so it was really lovely to see him back.
  11. Blue tits

    Blue tits

  12. A Dinner Date

    A Dinner Date

    Female (left) Male (right).
  13. Greenfinch again

    Greenfinch again

    From the garden pt 2
  14. Chaffinch


    Another one from Bridie
  15. Greenfinch


    Another one from Bridie
  16. Incoming!


  17. A peck on the cheek

    A peck on the cheek

    No, it's not 2 loved up sparrows. It's a fight for the perch.