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  1. House Finch H in a different light

    House Finch H in a different light

    Different exposure settings with this House Finch.
  2. Diamond Firetail

    Diamond Firetail

    Diamond Firetail
  3. Female House Finch

    Female House Finch

    A newcomer to our back yard, I have not seen her before
  4. Greenfinch


  5. R

    Hi from Manchester UK!

    Hi everybody! I hope you're all enjoying spring as much as I am. I've been getting acquainted with the resident great/blue tits and finches in my garden. I also had a family of ring necked parakeets visit the pear tree last winter. Although they're quite common in the south (London) all year...
  6. M

    Question regarding finch nest and eggs

    Apologies if I have not posted this in the right area. I just created this account and not quite sure where to post. Nine days ago I went to take our Christmas wreath off the front door (I know... April and the wreath is still up). To my surprise there was a little birds next there. I put the...
  7. Tom St

    More passerines in Germany--Taunus

    Both observed in April 2021 in the Taunus region. 1: could be a Linnet? 2: Willow or Marsh Tit. I can only distinguish them by vocalizations (and this one was silent). I'm curious whether you guys can say anything based on this photo alone.
  8. Tom St

    Passerines in Germany--Taunus

    I need some ID/confirmation for the following birds, observed in March/April 2021 in the Taunus region. Bird 1a-c: European Serin or a similar finch? Bird 2a-c: I'm drawing a blank here. Bird 3: Bad photo, I know. But is that a Yellowhammer? Many thanks!
  9. 9DFC0150-2077-470A-8ECC-B767A4B6C3C0.jpeg


    Hungry House Finch
  10. 77DD1043-5065-4235-8E0A-3F3E5315738C.jpeg


    House Finch
  11. House Finch

    House Finch

  12. American Goldfinch

    American Goldfinch

  13. American Goldfinch

    American Goldfinch

  14. House Finch

    House Finch

  15. House Finch

    House Finch

  16. Lesser Redpoll

    Lesser Redpoll

    Taken at a local nature spot in Bury Lancashire
  17. American Goldfinch

    American Goldfinch

    Chardonneret jaune
  18. Bullfinch


    Male Bullfinch - a difficult bird to see and photograph right down in the south of Spain.
  19. Cassin's Finch

    Cassin's Finch

    I took this pic this morning in my backyard, and it is the first Cassin's Finch this autumn! I tried getting him in flight, but all those turned out blurry. Still enjoyed seeing him though!
  20. Getting the colors

    Getting the colors

  21. Mr. Finch

    Mr. Finch

  22. Working on this .......

    Working on this .......

    .......when my heart rate began to increased. Went to Rex Hospital in Raleigh, had the plumbing check (all okay) had some old scare tissue burned in my heart and a defibulator/pace maker installed. Hey clean plumbing and wiring equals more photos. Thanks for all the concerns and well wishes the...
  23. Come on and set a while....

    Come on and set a while....

    .....its just rain.
  24. Sisters......


    The one the far side sit there and slept for about 15 minutes
  25. Find the Shadow.......

    Find the Shadow.......

    ......Can you find the shadow of the Finch in flight?