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  1. A

    What are the most interesting wildlife that you've seen in YOUR HOUSE?

    Hello, folks! Those of us who are interested in wildlife have all had a few of those surprising moments when wildlife turn up unexpected. Sometimes, this is in their suitable habitat, even though we didn't anticipate that they might be around. Sometimes, though, they show up where they are...
  2. 8M1A4614-smwp


    Lowland Leopard frog. We have a fish pond on our property, and they just showed up several years ago after we cleaned up the pond and straightened out water quality. They are now breeding there.
  3. A

    What was the largest American bullfrog any of you has measured?

    Hello, folks! I have a question concerning American bullfrogs that I'm hoping some of you would know. We have caught many bullfrogs in my lifetime, although not nearly as many as the less wary green frogs. American bullfrogs are huge. We've caught some pretty huge specimens in the past back in...
  4. Frog


  5. Close encounter

    Close encounter

    I think this is an agile frog. Another encounter on one of my forest hikes. Lovely little creature, I was a bit bummed out when I saw it cause I only had my 16mm lens with me but it let me get really close and posed like a champ.
  6. European frog.

    European frog.

    European frog seen close to the edge of an irrigation tank, near Es Broll, inland on Ibiza. Right now the frogs are breeding, and it's wonderful to hear their mating calls. However, with rising numbers of invasive snakes, we have concerns for their future.
  7. Little Egret and an ex-frog

    Little Egret and an ex-frog

    Unlucky frog


    I was outside the other night and went to the car for something and saw this little guy sitting on top of my car. I snapped this photo and a couple of others with my cell phone. They are an invasive species in Florida and can cause a allergic reaction and even a asthma attack.
  9. Pig frog on a bed of algae

    Pig frog on a bed of algae

    Sounds like a menu description! The very noisy pig frog is often heard, not often seen. But this past weekend, they seemed to be out in force, as in one pond I spotted 12 of them, croaking at each other and all sitting near the water's surface
  10. Pig frog

    Pig frog

    Noisy grunting frogs that love to hang out in the water
  11. Mystery Toad Suffield CT

    Mystery Toad Suffield CT

    Just walking along during work, spotted this cute little guy. Have no idea what type of toad he is!
  12. Malabar black narrow-mouthed frog

    Malabar black narrow-mouthed frog

    This EDGE species , first described in 1878 was later thought to be extinct. It was rediscovered in 1997. I made this image in 2014 in Western Ghats, South India
  13. Tree Frog (toilet frog)

    Tree Frog (toilet frog)

    Tree Frog (toilet frog). I lifted the toilet seat and this frog jumped on my leg then onto the wall. After getting over being startled I started laughing out loud.
  14. Southern Leopard Frog

    Southern Leopard Frog

    Southern Leopard Frog (Lithobates sphenocephalus: Ranidae) 5.1-8.9 cm (2.0-3.5 in) with a record of 12.7 cm (5.0 in).
  15. Saturday Fun

    Saturday Fun

    Saturday Fun with Freddie the Frog
  16. Mr Mud Pants

    Mr Mud Pants

    While taking my granddaughter on a nature hike, we came across this frog. She appropriately named him Mr Mud Pants!
  17. Green on tan

    Green on tan

    I was getting the blind out for Mali and this little frog was resting very comfortably on the blind. I stepped in and grabbed the camers and took a shot. Well the humidity could be cut with a knife and the lens fogged as soon as I step out the door and took the photo before i realized it was...
  18. What should I choose for bedtime reading?

    What should I choose for bedtime reading?

    White Lipped Tree Frog. This is the worlds largest Tree Frog
  19. Frog in pond

    Frog in pond

    While at the Azalea Festival in Sayen Gardens, I spotted this frog in the pond.
  20. Froggy


    A tiny little frog hanging out in my back yard.
  21. Froggy


    A tiny little frog hanging out in my back yard.
  22. Toad


    While driving through the reserve yesterday I notice something move on the side of the road. This little guy just posed for me while I took several shots of him!
  23. Can you see me?

    Can you see me?

    This frog was hidden in the moss of the lake. Perfect camouflage right?
  24. Frog??? Tadpole???.....

    Frog??? Tadpole???.....

    ....Tadpole?? Frog?? Caught in transition. Taken on Mali and my trip to Howell Wood Environmental Learning center.
  25. Frog for lunch!

    Frog for lunch!

    This GBH struggled with this huge Bullfrog , spearing it and dropping it several times before swallowing it. This removed a nasty invasive predator from the pond, one who would eat native frogs, fish and any unlucky baby waterfowl it could find. This is for Mark's wife who is very fond of frogs...