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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

great egret

  1. The Great Egret

    The Great Egret

    I had watched eagles in this spot the days before this photo was taken but the light was very poor. On this day, the sun came out but the eagles did not. Instead, I was lucky to photograph a great white egret. I would have chosen a different frame but I was just too close :) Egrets are very...
  2. Great Egret

    Great Egret

    Great Egret
  3. great egret

    great egret

  4. Lakescape-832


    A frame-full of wetland wonder ... Black-necked Stork .... immature male Great Egret Eurasian Spoonbill Black-headed Ibis Indian Cormorant Painted Stork ____________________ 13 December 2022 Baland/ Dighal Jhajjar : Haryana India
  5. Lakescape-824


    A Great Egret ... loosing its breeding plumage ... ... with an immature Painted Stork ... yet to acquire its paint ... _____________ Nazafgarh Wetlands and marshes Delhi-Haryana Border India 26 July 2022
  6. jurek

    Breeding birds in Europe which follow national borders

    I recently looked that the maps of the splendid EBBA2 atlas, and distribution of many birds exactly follows national borders. Not necessary borders which follow some geographical barrier. Eagle Owl: present everywhere, practically 100% in Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, but stops at borders of...
  7. Lakescape-802 : Little Egrets : squabbling & calling : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari & Alok Tewari

    Lakescape-802 : Little Egrets : squabbling & calling : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari & Alok Tewari

    There were five Little Egrets in that part of an inundated field ... one of them was chasing away others and calling loudly in flight ... ... while two Black-headed Ibises were feeding quietly ... and one Great Egret ... who was there, as well ... got so disturbed that it decided to...
  8. First sighting

    First sighting

    First Great Egret reported at my favorite local patch. See how the water is low, we've been in a drought, so it's thick and soupy, bubbles trailing.
  9. Lakescape-793 : Great Egret finishing a frog : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Lakescape-793 : Great Egret finishing a frog : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Great Egret tackling a fresh water frog ... Rana tigrina Realigning it in his bill ... and ... then swallowing it ... Captured in the Basai Wetland ... hat exists no more ... drained and area used to develop apartment blocks ... Black-winged Stilts are also seen ... ... foraging in...
  10. Lakescape - 784

    Lakescape - 784

    Snowing ... at Keoladeo ... albeit of a different kind ... It was a daybreak in April ... spring was turning to summer ... and the big whites were in feeding frenzy ... ... to keep pace with season's demands ... Species seen here are : Great Egret Eurasian Spoonbill Little Egret...
  11. 01101001

    Kostrzyn river valley Natura 2000 site (Poland), 21.09 (mostly birds of prey)

    Habitat: river, meadows, forest 1. Not a kestrel, jizzwise. The lack of a prominent moustachial stripe (1.3) excludes the hobby and the peregrine. It flew high above the ground and made a few circles, so it was not a merlin. It had a brownish tinge on the upper wing feathers (1.4), so maybe it...
  12. Lakescape - 780

    Lakescape - 780

    Great one ... or Lyre Bird Great Egret in high breeding colors and plumage ... _______________ Keoladeo National Park India
  13. Great egret

    Great egret

    My first this year.
  14. Lakescape - 758

    Lakescape - 758

    Parallax ... Reminded me of the parallax experiment we did in our physics lab ... ... during graduation ... __________ Little and Great Egrets Jhajjar Haryana India 26 August 2022
  15. First Great Egret sighting at my local patch

    First Great Egret sighting at my local patch

  16. In alignment

    In alignment

    We moved inland a bit and visited Oxenford Weir. A good place that we were to return to. On the opposite bank was a Great Egret, with a Little Egret immediately above him. I didn't realise there were two birds there until I looked through the lens LOL. Could almost look like a double-headed...
  17. Lakescape - 738

    Lakescape - 738

    The vast expanse of agrarian wilderness ... ... inundated fields ... adjacent marshes and bogs ... ... with plenty of bird activity ... some rarities thrown in ... to whip up the keen-ness to be there ... Truly enthralling ... _________ Delhi-Haryana Border 26 July 2022
  18. Lakescape - 732

    Lakescape - 732

    Lakescape - 732 Another scene at the happening wet space ... Great one has already extracted his reward ... ... the pair of Ibises are desperately trying for theirs ... _________ Nazafgarh Wetlands Delhi-Haryana Border India 26 July 2022
  19. Lakescape - 726

    Lakescape - 726

    We were moving through extensive stretches of inundated fields freshly sown with rice paddy ... Strong winds dispersed the clouds and light improved vastly ... These big whites were busy feeding ... While the Ibis and the Great egret were doing so quietly ... two Little Egrets were...
  20. Little and large

    Little and large

    Although the Wandering Whistling Ducks aren't so little but they're dwarfed by the Great Egret!
  21. Great White Egret

    Great White Egret

  22. Great Egret Chick

    Great Egret Chick

    Great Egret chick at the UT Southwestern Medical Center Rookery in Dallas, TX.
  23. GREG doing his version of "The Thinker"

    GREG doing his version of "The Thinker"

    The snowy I just posted and this Great Egret were preening more or less side by side right by the pathway through the marsh, so close that I had to step away a bit and turn down the zoom on my lens to fit them into the frame.
  24. Lakescape - 715

    Lakescape - 715

    Wetland ... On a misty morning ... ... Sun toned down by hanging fog ... __________ Species seen here are : Eurasian Spoonbill Great Egret Grey Heron Ruddy Shelduck Eurasian Teal Gadwall Comb Duck ... & some Waders _________ District Jhajjar Haryana India
  25. Great Egret

    Great Egret

    Great Egret (Ardea alba egretta)