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  1. Florida Scrub Jay with a Florida sized Acorn

    Florida Scrub Jay with a Florida sized Acorn

    Florida has one bird that is endemic to the state, the Florida Scrub Jay. Sadly, their numbers are in decline. It is the only species of bird endemic to the U.S. state of Florida and one of only 15 species endemic to the continental United States. Because of this, it is keenly sought by birders...
  2. J

    New here

    Hello👋 New here, joined to share, I see and get regular visits from oddly rarely seen birds 🦅 . A Jay or what I thought at first was a brown, white and purple feathered magpie visited. I am not sure why or what for, however someone let the birds out and I’m getting to see them. Some I have no...
  3. Green Jay (Inca)

    Green Jay (Inca)

  4. Eurasian Jay

    Eurasian Jay

    Eurasian Jay off for another acorn
  5. Fish Crow ?

    Fish Crow ?

    Captured this guy at my old apartment community.
  6. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    KC you are right since I experienced the first time I saw the Blue Jay taking a bath it's now an everyday occurrence. These guys have been experiencing the heat as well. A lot of times their mouth is open.
  7. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Been waiting to take my best picture of him and still this is good but it doesn't show his plumage much but look at the size of him. Blue Jays in South Carolina are big. They got to be some of the biggest yard birds. Now how can this beautiful bird be related to a Crow?
  8. Still fighting fit.

    Still fighting fit.

  9. Azure Jay

    Azure Jay

    Azure Jay - Cyanocorax caeruleus
  10. Plush-crested Jay

    Plush-crested Jay

    Plush-crested Jay - Cyanocorax chrysops
  11. Eurasian Jay

    Eurasian Jay

  12. My Jays in Action

    My Jays in Action

    I'm always trying to take a good photo of "my" jays in flight. Not that easy...
  13. Cornered.


    They are still here and still having their usual disputes.
  14. Flight Fight 2.

    Flight Fight 2.

  15. Flight Fight.

    Flight Fight.

    Taken a long time for me to capture these photos of the Jays in conflict over feeding rights. I have been trying now for almost a week to get them together at one time and to get these photos. I was very pleased when it finally happened and I viewed the results.
  16. Purplish Jay

    Purplish Jay

    Purplish Jay - Cyanocorax cyanomelas
  17. Jays


    Just a grab shot through a grubby window in poor light, but a record of how many show up as soon as I throw food out. There was actually at least one more in my trees, but it's very difficult catching more than two together in the same frame, as they don't tolerate each other for more than a...
  18. Two Jays

    Two Jays

    A really grubby window yesterday, as one of the Pigeons forgot his glasses and kept side-swiping the glass as he took off ;) But... I watched some strange behaviour yesterday. The Jay on the left, which I now think is a male, kept going through his repertoire of poses. The poses, with the...
  19. Striking a Pose

    Striking a Pose

    Blue Jay up close
  20. Plush-crested Jay

    Plush-crested Jay

    Plush-crested Jay (Cyanocorax chrysops)
  21. Plush-crested Jay

    Plush-crested Jay

    Plush-crested Jay (Cyanocorax chrysops)
  22. "Tooth and Claw"  (jays)

    "Tooth and Claw" (jays)

    or Claws and Beak perhaps but they were certainly at Loggerheads LOL. shame about the missing wing tip, but I was as surprised as much as the bottom Jay. Spent a good few hours down the Wood yesterday hence no comments as with my back its one or the other.A beautiful day here hope its as nice...
  23. Feed me too.

    Feed me too.

    Very pleased to get this shot of some Jays as I've struggled previously to get shots of them.When they see me they usually fly off to the next county.
  24. "heh you get offa my     "  (Jays)

    "heh you get offa my " (Jays)

    Was taken by surprise when the back fellow wanted in on the photo shoot LOL.
  25. Kaleidoscope of Motion. (JAYS)

    Kaleidoscope of Motion. (JAYS)

    Been meaning to post this for months as their is just something I love about it, so decided to have it in my Gallery. It was an awesome scrap to witness. Ps my 40D has shot its last, hope the insurance company does not hang around, feel naked going down the wood cameraless.