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  1. A

    Chickadee with leg mites nesting in yard

    Hi! I noticed a Carolina chickadee (one of a breeding pair building a nest in my yard) has leg mites. Is there any natural treatment I can use on the nest to kill the mites before they spread to the baby birds, or to help the parent bird?
  2. Delicate Prinia : nest material and call : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Delicate Prinia : nest material and call : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Some more nesting activity in August ... Amazingly beautiful little bundles of joyous song and delightful activity ... ... these denizens of reed clumps and tamarisk are attention grabbers ... Watch this fair beauty carrying nest material and calling in the swaying reed ...
  3. O

    Greetings - Cooper's Hawks Observation/Details

    Hello everyone! I am incredibly new here! I've been observing a pair of Cooper's Hawks from April till now in my neighbourhood in Oakville, Ontario. I've seen the pair switch from three nesting locations which I think is normal but also curious. The first reason the pair had moved was that my...
  4. Wallace's Hawk-Eagle, Borneo

    Wallace's Hawk-Eagle, Borneo

    Wallace's Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus nanus) 華氏鷹鵰, pair & parent. Left bird looks bigger size right? Then it should be female and right is male.
  5. Blue jays building a nest

    Blue jays building a nest

    Since spring has arrived, I thought I'd post one of my favorite photos from spring of 2021. This pair of blue jays built a nest in a tree behind our house. I kept an eye on them and their nestlings for several weeks.
  6. Great blue herons nesting in Golden Gate Park

    Great blue herons nesting in Golden Gate Park

    Parts of the video are shown in a slow motion
  7. P

    Where have the blue tits gone?

    During the spring I noticed that a couple of blue tits kept making trips back and forth from the back garden to my downstairs neighbour's window. I believe they were nesting in / around the bathroom window vent (from outside it looked like there was a crack in the vent). The blue tits seemed...
  8. Hornchurch

    Late For Wren Nesting, or Average ? - (Plus A Chaffinch Briefly Interferes)

    Am pretty stoked at the minute, as we have FOUR different types (species) of Birds nesting around our countryside house in less than orange throwing distance. Whilst the other three ARE regulars (year after year), another high dedicated box that I put-up last year is now in use. It's about...
  9. Long-tailed tit with nesting material

    Long-tailed tit with nesting material

    Long-tailed tit holding a lot of feathers in it's beak about to use them for it's nest.
  10. C

    Dark eye Junco nest with eggs

    I sought out this forum to seek assistance. Two weeks ago, We noticed a dark eye Junco acting overly friendly and allowing us to get unusually close. We thought she was possibly sick and expected to find her expired in the pine needles. Then last week, we discovered that she had built a...
  11. C

    Blue tit nestbox - poss abandoned - what to do?

    Hi, we've been watching a beautiful pair of blue tits who have nested in our nestbox in the garden. Sadly, we think one has been killed as we found some feathers that looked like one of them and they haven't been spotted since :-( We are worried that there may be eggs in the nestbox and what...
  12. spotted flycatcher

    spotted flycatcher

    gathering nesting materials
  13. She got the whip out...

    She got the whip out...

    .... obviously and sent him off to get more sticks for the nest. They sure were busy at it again. I had more pictures of the female with different sticks from the other one I showed you. Their antics really kept us amused for a while.
  14. waiting


    The Barn swallow was waiting for me to leave the viewing stand so it could finish building its nest. I had my 300 2.8 and got a shot of it. I liked the way the second bird out of focus repeated the pose.
  15. Little Eagle catches Rabbit for Dinner!  :))

    Little Eagle catches Rabbit for Dinner! :))

    This resident Little Eagle female is just the most amazing hunter. Day after Day, Season after Season, Year after Year, she successfully hunts, and provides for her family. Having watched her over the best part of a decade, she has shown a distinct preference and hunting style aimed at...
  16. Kittiwake


  17. Bloodied Feathers

    Bloodied Feathers

    I thought i might share with you all a photo that was recently published in Bird Watching magazine, full spread back page. It was voted as "Highly commended" in the magazines recent bird photographer of the year competition. To say i was chuffed is an understatement..
  18. Come On, It Is Nesting Time

    Come On, It Is Nesting Time

    As the dusk settled in, this pair of parrots took off one after the other from their perch near golf course in South Mumbai.
  19. Black Headed Ibis

    Black Headed Ibis

    Flock of Black Headed Ibises nesting in their natural habitat.
  20. Crowned Lapwing Plover, Vanellus coronatus

    Crowned Lapwing Plover, Vanellus coronatus

    Crowned Lapwing Plover, Vanellus coronatus, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa. Crowned Lapwings prefer short dry grassland which may be overgrazed or burnt. They nest on the ground.
  21. Nesting


  22. Where did I put that nest?

    Where did I put that nest?

  23. Paddyfield Pipit collecting nesting materials..

    Paddyfield Pipit collecting nesting materials..

    This pipit is seen all over the Indian sub-continent. Prefers short grasslands..
  24. doves on the deck...

    doves on the deck...

    asked the question in the info forum perhaps seeing them will help..why are these doves sitting in my back, yard 6 ft. from my door? It's too early for eggs and nests here,(NY City) isn't it? and my heavens, cats go thru my yard on a daily basis..I'm a newby,but this doesn't make sense to...
  25. Mating Behavior

    Mating Behavior

    Two Great Egrets conduct a mating ritual while building nest in the rockery.