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  1. Against the current

    Against the current

    I've never noticed 'our' coots having a red eye, so guess this must be how to id the Australian subspecies? My nephew is arriving this afternoon, so I'll not be around much for the next couple of days. I've not seen him for a few years, not even for my sister's funeral last year sadly.
  2. So distinguished

    So distinguished

    ... and distinctive too. Pacific Black Ducks are one of the easier ones to identify, even the females can't be mistaken as they both have that clearly marked head plumage.
  3. Contemplative


    A power line on the opposite side of the weir seemed to provide a comfy seat for an Osprey. Although most authorities still include the Australian osprey as a subspecies of P. haliaetus, there are definitely moves afoot to split it. It would then likely be called Eastern Osprey. The Australian...
  4. Cliff hanger

    Cliff hanger

    ... well sort of, LOL. A Dusky Moorhen was clambering around on the wall of the weir - some huge boulders there.
  5. In alignment

    In alignment

    We moved inland a bit and visited Oxenford Weir. A good place that we were to return to. On the opposite bank was a Great Egret, with a Little Egret immediately above him. I didn't realise there were two birds there until I looked through the lens LOL. Could almost look like a double-headed...
  6. Thick or Stone?

    Thick or Stone?

    We then wandered around one of the paths in this reserve, but Hans was a little disappointed, he didn't tell me what he was actually looking for though. Back in the car park area was was concentrating on an unidentified call when Hans suddenly called me over and there in the shrubbery was Bush...
  7. Traffic Warden

    Traffic Warden

    Heading back along the front, we stopped in a car park for a coastal reserve. Up in the tree tops around the car park I spotted this Noisy Friarbird (lurking quietly!
  8. Exploring


    We had a rather nice lunch in the cafe run by the boat company, then drove along the promenade where there were plenty of pull-in areas and car parks. In one we found this young Masked Lapwing. Didn't see an adult anywhere near him though.
  9. Landing light

    Landing light

    After that wonderful whale watching cruise, a Welcome Swallow was waiting to see us berth safely.
  10. Protecting her calf

    Protecting her calf

    This picture shows the mother Humpback Whale with her calf. Interesting information given to us by the staff was that there was also a young rogue male around who was trying to mate with the mother - she wasn't interested but his attempts to get to her were endangering the calf. So she...
  11. Breaching


    It was sometimes difficult to get the timing right, as we were never sure just where or when they were going to surface... then sometimes someone would pass in front of you just as you were going to click LOL. I think this is the calf again. Humpback Whales are just amazing creatures.
  12. Calf


    My treat that morning was a trip out in the harbour to see (hopefully) Humpback Whales..... and it didn't disappoint. There were a few around, including a mother and calf. I think this is the tail of the calf. Apparently the mother's get them to this area after calving to teach them techniques...
  13. Harbour highlights

    Harbour highlights

    Hans and Judy and booked a special treat for me so we set off early to get to the harbour. We had a while to wait for the boat so had time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe. At last we set off passing a long sand bar which was absolutely covered in birds... here's a small portion of them...
  14. Batty


    It was not far off being Halloween, I guess, so the sight of a Fruit Bat was rather topical LOL We had a quick cuppie when we got back to the car and didn't have long to wait then for the light to fail and out came the bats. I wasn't quite prepared for the show they gave us, as they kept coming...
  15. Mrs Figgy

    Mrs Figgy

    We were leaving the park now to get a good vantage point for the evening show. On the way out I spotted this female Australasian Figbird on a bare branch above my head.
  16. Contemplation


    There were a few Australian Ibis around this lake as well, couldn't get a singleton for the picture, so you've a bonus of two to look at LOL
  17. "Raindrops keep falling....

    "Raindrops keep falling....

    ... on my head" A beautiful Australian King Parrot was getting soaked in the torrential downpour. We had several of these overnight and that morning... thunderous rain. But quite a relief in view of the devastating bush fires and the low water levels. Saturday Fun
  18. Streamlined


    I think these males have really lovely plumage. An Australasian Darter was on the bank just above where I'd seen the Hardhead.
  19. Toughie


    A female Hardhead was swimming around underneath the Egret. Nice looking ducks these.
  20. Little and large

    Little and large

    Although the Wandering Whistling Ducks aren't so little but they're dwarfed by the Great Egret!
  21. Twilight?


    We then crossed the road to look explore the lake on the other side. It was more like a river here with a golf course on the other bank. A Dusky Moorhen was foraging along the golf course side.
  22. Reminder of home

    Reminder of home

    A widespread species is the Eurasian Coot. I came across them in a number of places throughout Australia. This is the Australian subspecies, but I've not yet worked out what the difference is.
  23. He likes the lilies too...

    He likes the lilies too...

    ... why else would Comb-crested Jacanas also be called "lily trotters" LOL It's great to watch these guys walking on water.
  24. Stuck in the mud

    Stuck in the mud

    We had to be a bit careful where we trod round the lake edge, as the mud was very 'sinky' (as I soon discovered!!) However, this Magpie-lark didn't seem to have any bother LOL
  25. In amongst the lilies

    In amongst the lilies

    It was such a pretty setting this little lake with the lilies coming into flower. An Australasian Grebe was swimming around amongst them.