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periparus ater

  1. Coal tit

    Coal tit

  2. Only just...

    Only just...

    ... caught this guy in the trees.... fast moving blighters, aren't they.
  3. Coal tit

    Coal tit

    Coal tit perched on a thuja branch
  4. That's better

    That's better

    The same coalie as yesterday's itchy one. Seems the itch must have gone now LOL. So he does have an eye after all.
  5. Got an itch? (SF)

    Got an itch? (SF)

    You have to scratch it don't you. Why is it you go to the dentist and as soon as he starts your nose starts to itch? I think he must do it with his eyes closed, as I can find no trace of an eye there.
  6. Ready for the off

    Ready for the off

    .... which he did in the next frame with a right old blur of feathers! I'd managed to get back to the new feeding station on the edge of town when the ice had subsided somewhat.
  7. "Ooh that's better!"

    "Ooh that's better!"

    Coal Tit
  8. Coal tit

    Coal tit

  9. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    Immediately before this shot, I was thinking I hadn't seen a Coal Tit or Goldcrest for months (some small evergreen trees, their favoured habitat, had been drastically cut back). Anyway, I opened the window, and at the same time this bird came and perched right in front of me. The camera wasn't...
  10. Coal tit

    Coal tit

  11. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    Coal Tit
  12. Saw him off!!

    Saw him off!!

    There was a Great Tit and a Coal Tit either side of that feeder when I started to click. But the Coal Tit flew. Surprised I managed to catch him in the frame (identifiably) LOL.
  13. Perhaps...


    .... he thought the coconut would be more to his taste, even with a Coal Tit supervising his antics.
  14. Too much choice

    Too much choice

    That's what happens when I fill the feeders, it just confuses them LOL.
  15. Chatting


    A couple of days later we were back at these feeders. Coalie seemed to prefer chatting to someone out of sight, rather than feeding from the coconut.
  16. The dining table

    The dining table

    Coal Tits, particularly, are the grab and run feeders. But what they do is to grab a seed from a feeder then take it to what they think is a safe nearby branch, hold it between their toes and peck at it. It was Ann that first pointed this behaviour out to me and I'm still, to this day, not sure...
  17. Someone opened the door

    Someone opened the door

    I see there's a break in the mesh on this nut feeder, which I didn't notice when I put some nuts in there. Wondering if it was a Great Spotted Woodpecker, or a Red Squirrel that did it. Anyway, the Coal Tit seems to think he might be able to get away with a bigger nut LOL My eye is improving...
  18. Mooning (SF)

    Mooning (SF)

    A mooning Coal Tit .... or his attempt at it!
  19. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    Coal Tit
  20. Differences


    I was rather intrigued as to why the lower bird is completely lacking the rufous colouring on his underparts, which is so clearly seen on the other bird.
  21. coal tit

    coal tit

  22. Waiting in the wings

    Waiting in the wings

    The back view of a Great Tit with a Coal Tit at the side of the stage waiting to put in an appearance.
  23. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

  24. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

  25. Keeping an eye

    Keeping an eye

    I think the Great Tit top left was keeping an eye on what the Coal Tit bottom right was up to! I didn't see the Great tit until I was processing the picture. There were birds everywhere that day, not that I managed to get many usable pictures of them though.