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  1. Winter Visitor

    Winter Visitor

    I don't see too much of Herring Gulls through the summer. However, come September they're back until the spring. This was the first one I managed to photograph on a more distant neighbour's roof.
  2. Branching out

    Branching out

    A wee Robin sitting at the top of a Beech. I guess this should have been part of the hedge at one time, but it's slightly separated from it now. A lot of birds seem to like sitting there.
  3. Sunset Strip

    Sunset Strip

    After a rather d wet day, the evening finished with this. It was very nearly dark too.
  4. Stripey (SF)

    Stripey (SF)

    I'm presuming these are wasps, as I'm really not that great at telling the difference between them and hoverflies. Looking out at the neighbour's lean-to shed which I use as a bird table, I spotted things flying around so went and grabbed my camera. I did get some rather blurry images of them...
  5. Snuggled in

    Snuggled in

    Sometimes I can get that feeder to hang vertically, but seems this time I didn't quite get there. Don't think she minds too much though.
  6. Riparian Autumn 2021

    Riparian Autumn 2021

    One or two of you may recall that I take a picture of the trees along the riverside in the town here. I thought it would be interesting to compare any changes over the years. There's links to all the images below. Usually it's around the 24 October, but due to weather and other issues, it wasn't...
  7. What did you say!

    What did you say!

    I try to make the most of the Collared Doves when they're around, as they just disappear for months at a time. Loved the look on this one's face - looks like someone being told off for something he's always done LOL
  8. My occasional visitor

    My occasional visitor

    My occasional visitor seems to be coming a bit more regularly now; though still not around every day. Trust him to pick a dull wet day though!
  9. A bad hair day

    A bad hair day

    Not helped by the wet weather. However this style went on for weeks. I'm not sure if it's an odd moult or if he'd been in a battle with something. Thought this would do for my Saturday Fun entry this week. TTTW
  10. Wise


    What a surprise I had one morning. I heard a fluttering noise being my sofa and found this young Whitethroat beside my sage plant, trying to exit through the glass. It really was a surprise, as I've never seen or heard a Whitethroat in the garden before this. So not only a House Tick, but a...
  11. Perched woody

    Perched woody

    This pigeon seems to have taken possession of the new pole feeder. TTTW
  12. Almost framed

    Almost framed

    He just needed to shift to the left a bit LOL. I think Collared Doves are rather attractive, there's often one about, though not quite all the year. For a few months I may get two and, rarely, more come along; think the record has been four (so far LOL) TTTW
  13. Surveying


    Birds have found a new perch in my garden on top of the feeder pole, quite a few have taken advantage of it now, with this Wood Pigeon being the latest. Shows up well against the beech leaves, doesn't he. TTTW
  14. Coming back

    Coming back

    Early every summer the Coal Tits disappear for a few months. This was the first one to return, in the middle of August. TTTW
  15. Dining


    Caught this wee Blue Tit on top of my feeder pole showing so clearly how they hold a seed between their toes to eat. TTTW
  16. Early evening

    Early evening

    Blairgowrie's setting sun. The view from my flat looking at the tree-covered hill at the back of the town.
  17. Window shopping

    Window shopping

    Five juvenile Blue Tits, can't remember for sure, but think this may be a bit of a record for my window feeders. This lot making use of all but the coconut shell, though that is popular usually as well. Within a week of this they'd all disappeared, probably out into the countryside. Middle end...
  18. Four's a Rabble

    Four's a Rabble

    I'm not sure that another sparrow could have got onto that feeder. I went through a phase of having to refill the fat balls a couple of times a day, between the sparrows and starlings they could eat them all in a couple of hours. A few days after this picture, the birds had all gone, not to be...
  19. A red gape?

    A red gape?

    This appears to be a young Dunnock, but I've little experience with seeing fledgings. This one appears to have a red gape - I wonder if that is normal for them.
  20. Phantom Robin

    Phantom Robin

    What with one thing and another.... on top of a major laptop breakdown, I've very few images at the moment of local birds. Here's one that escaped the crash by still being on my camera LOL. Out with my friend to Craighall and he tried to take a picture of this young Robin on the gatepost...
  21. Hungry horde

    Hungry horde

    During August and early September most of the birds desert my garden but every now and then a whole load of Starlings descend. Here's just a portion of them, think there were about 3 times as many as I've got here. Right little piggies for my SF picture. TTTW
  22. Force feeding

    Force feeding

    I spotted a young Great Tit in the trees and before I could react there was an adult (female I think) with food for him. It goes right to the back, doesn't it LOL.
  23. Practise


    ... does help! This was another of my friend's efforts. He was a bit quicker in getting the camera focused. Though I think the bill isn't quite right, perhaps it moved. It seems the Blackbird has almost finished the offerings on that gatepost.
  24. White face

    White face

    I had to grab the camera back from my friend, as a Great Tit landed in the trees on my side of the track. Some of you will know the struggles I have to get pictures of these at home, on the rare occasions they condescend to visit me. That's why its nice to go to Craighall, as there seems to be...
  25. Only Just

    Only Just

    The gatepost was on the left side of my car (for those that drive on the wrong side of the road, that's the passenger side LOL). So I shoved the camera into my friend's hand and got him to take the picture. By the time he'd worked out the controls he only managed this image and the next two...