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  1. The big one in the scrub

    The big one in the scrub

    A late February visit to Craighall and the feeders were busy. This Great Tit was waiting for a chance to get in to one of them.
  2. chaffinch


    a female collecting nesting material
  3. dunnock


    always like to see dunnocks
  4. Out numbered!

    Out numbered!

    January at the Craighall feeders, my first visit there this year produced a large flock of Long-tailed Tits. However this Blue Tit was quite determined he was going to fill himself at the feeder, despite being heavily outnumbered. They're quite feisty, so I guess the Long-tailed weren't going...
  5. Confrontation


    Back to last autumn to find this picture. The pose of these two House Sparrow brings to mind the two boxers who will beat the living daylights out of each other tonight! Needless to say I won't be watching! TTTW Saturday Fun
  6. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    I couldn't find anything remotely funny in my current folders, so present a species that always brings me joy and I hope it does you too. The European Robin is my choice for today. He was in the trees at Craighall just before Christmas. Happy Easter to all my friends.
  7. He knew!!!

    He knew!!!

    That was the only place he could be to stop me getting a good picture!!! Back at Craighall on my first visit of the year, a Great Spotted Woodpecker parked himself at the most inconvenient spot you could imagine. Saturday Fun
  8. Nut lover

    Nut lover

    It was a good job we topped up the peanut feeder by the looks of it.
  9. Spring Tit

    Spring Tit

    Beginning of March I managed to get myself going again post op. So my first visit to the Craighall feeders for what felt like months! First to show himself was this Great Tit. The birds seem to be ever watchful there and the word soon goes round that the feeders have been filled again.
  10. Christmas


    Around Christmastime a Goldfinch came calling. These are usually only around my feeders in the autumn so a lovely present, but are not reliable visitors. TTTW
  11. Hogmanay Present

    Hogmanay Present

    At long, long last... the last day of 2021 and the Nuthatch finally decided to show itself for me (although he doesn't appear to be that pleased with being caught on camera. I knew there was one around but had never been able to see it. Then I heard it was visiting the new feeding station at...
  12. No room left

    No room left

    .... to start showing some of my winter images and will start with these Long-tailed Tits crowding onto the feeder at Craighall. Saturday Fun
  13. Then the snow came

    Then the snow came

    Not unknown, but a bit earlier than we would normally expect to see snow. It sure was a cold snap, especially for November.
  14. My lovely LBJ

    My lovely LBJ

    I don't seem to see the Dunnocks through the summer months, but they're much more noticeable during the winter.
  15. A golden visitor

    A golden visitor

    I hardly ever see these beauties, but the inclement November weather brought this one in for a look round the feeders. Needless to say I was delighted to see him. TTTW
  16. Haughty


    He does seem to have his nose in the air, don't you think LOL My garden Robin TTTW
  17. Face Off

    Face Off

    Two male House Sparrows trying to claim ownership of the feeder. TTTW
  18. Goldie is helping me to wish all my Birdforum friends a very Happy Christmas

    Goldie is helping me to wish all my Birdforum friends a very Happy Christmas

    I don't see these delightful finches very often but here's one making a brief Christmas visit.
  19. Autumn dip

    Autumn dip

    I tried to have my usual walk along the river to take the annual view of the autumn leaves. However, due to back and leg issues, I didn't get any further than that so just waited to see if a Dipper would appear. I'd not seen one at this spot for ages. But there he was, in his favourite area. It...
  20. Rattler


    I'd been hearing Mistle Thrushes around but this was the first time I'd actually found one... up in my neighbour's tree. So a first of the season for me. Plenty of berries for them round about too, so I guess they'll hang on for a bit. TTTW
  21. Winter Visitor

    Winter Visitor

    I see even less of Lesser Black-backed Gulls than Herring Gulls they're just occasional visitors, particularly through the winten months. This was the first one I managed to photograph on a more distant neighbour's roof. TTTW Ooops... thanks for pointing out my error. It is, indeed a Lesser...
  22. Branching out

    Branching out

    A wee Robin sitting at the top of a Beech. I guess this should have been part of the hedge at one time, but it's slightly separated from it now. A lot of birds seem to like sitting there.
  23. Sunset Strip

    Sunset Strip

    After a rather d wet day, the evening finished with this. It was very nearly dark too.
  24. Stripey (SF)

    Stripey (SF)

    I'm presuming these are wasps, as I'm really not that great at telling the difference between them and hoverflies. Looking out at the neighbour's lean-to shed which I use as a bird table, I spotted things flying around so went and grabbed my camera. I did get some rather blurry images of them...
  25. Snuggled in

    Snuggled in

    Sometimes I can get that feeder to hang vertically, but seems this time I didn't quite get there. Don't think she minds too much though.