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saudi arabia

  1. two borin !!!

    two borin !!!

    these beauties and other sylvia warblers are making my days. hope you like it, thanks.
  2. Marsh warbler

    Marsh warbler

    a lovely visitor to the garden, hope it stay for sometime. hope you like it thanks so much.
  3. SF


    I leave it for you to suggest the title for these lovely blackcaps enjoying a bath. thanks for viewing.
  4. blackcap


    there is a few of them in the garden with garden warblers, and a barred warbler, did not see the common whitethraot today but it was around in the past days. hope you like it.
  5. thrush nightingale

    thrush nightingale

    spent a week trying to approach him to get a nice shot, finally to my surprise he decided to come so close that i had a hard time trying to focus. hope you like it.
  6. Caspian tern

    Caspian tern

    the firmware update improved the C AF so much on the lens. hope you like it.
  7. little fishy - SF

    little fishy - SF

    love those lovely giants. was really lucky with this shot. hope you like it.
  8. W

    Heron - Possible Purple Heron

    Hi All, Just spotted this near Taif, Saudi Arabia. I think it may be a Purple Heron but any assistnace is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ian C
  9. Red-throated pipit

    Red-throated pipit

    lots of them were around the city yesterday, today i did not find any. hope you like it.
  10. Collared pratincole

    Collared pratincole

    was in a public park and saw this one standing tall just like wheatears, but it seemed large. rarely i see one on the ground, always flying so fast. hope you like it.
  11. brown booby

    brown booby

    we are enjoying some nice weather, and this one with some gulls and terns are making a spectacular show in the shore close to my house every afternoon. hope you like it.
  12. Turkestan shrike

    Turkestan shrike

    was on my daily afternoon walk, saw him and thought its another bulbul, then i thought bulbul don't stay still for a long time, and i was right. hope you like it. thanks.
  13. bashful bush robin

    bashful bush robin

    well same initial of its name, LOL. thanks so much for viewing.
  14. Greater flamingo

    Greater flamingo

    fun to watch, whenever i go to the shore i end up spending most of the time with them. hope you like it.
  15. oops, red-vented bulbul

    oops, red-vented bulbul

    birds these days have no manners, LOL. this is an introduced bulbul here in Jeddah, first one i saw was about 11 years ago, they did not spread much in the city, as i rarely see any, here they were a pair. hope you like it.
  16. Masked shrike

    Masked shrike

    it is the same one that i posted before, i think !!!!
  17. Lesser whitethroat

    Lesser whitethroat

    they were active this morning, until around 9:30 am when the sand storm started, ended around 4 pm, a real dreadful one.
  18. great chiffy day

    great chiffy day

    usually they disappear after the 15th, but this year they arrived late so i think they will stay maybe two more days or maybe a week.
  19. Marsh harrier

    Marsh harrier

    a great day in the desert with a friend, she was looking for her favorites the black winged stilts, but instead we had this very friendly one, and then a large flock of flamingo and even a lager flock of dunlin, quite exciting records for her as she came from Riyad which is inside Arabia with no...
  20. Arabian Babbler

    Arabian Babbler

    more of this brat. hope you like it.
  21. Chiffchaff


    lots of them around the garden. a bit late this year.
  22. Menetries's warbler

    Menetries's warbler

    i just love these handsome warblers. hope you like it.
  23. Arabian Babbler

    Arabian Babbler

    Unique social passerine with a disproportionately long tail and very short and rounded wings. Overall pallid sandy-brown. Often seen hopping on the ground with its tail cocked. ebird.
  24. Arabian babbler

    Arabian babbler

    as they say an early bird catches the worm, and an early photographer catches the bird who catches the worm, LOL. more shots to come and a video but i am a bit sleepy now. thanks sooooo much for viewing. and Happy 3rd of March, #wildlifeday2021
  25. Desert wheatear

    Desert wheatear

    wonder if it form the wintering ones here, or one of those who pass by in Spring migration. anyway first time i get a good chance with the femle. hope you like it.