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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. E

    Important notice for anyone working with vulture species

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share an incredible opportunity with all of you who are currently working with or have experience working with vultures. The European Vulture Conference 2023 is extending an invitation to conservationists and researchers to submit abstracts for the chance to showcase...
  2. Red-headed Vultures

    Red-headed Vultures

    An absolute pleasure to sight these Vultures. Populations have depleted severely in recent years
  3. Turkey vulture

    Turkey vulture

    Although they're not exactly warm and fuzzy, I think turkey vultures are kind of cool - unless you crawl out of bed and find seven them circling over your driveway. (Went outside and did a sniff test; didn't find anything).
  4. Himalayan Vulture

    Himalayan Vulture

    Himalayan Vulture Gyps himalayensis (हिमाली गिद्ध) in Nepal, clicked recently in Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve of eastern lowland of Nepal. This vulture is listed as near threatened bird and found from lowland to Himalayan regions of the country.
  5. J

    About Vultures and Australia...

    Hello! I'm helping someone put together a talk about vultures, and there was one question that came up while we were doing research that has both of us scratching our heads: Throughout the world, vultures play a very important role as scavengers, but their act of consuming carrion also removes...
  6. Lappet-faced Vulture

    Lappet-faced Vulture

    Lappet-faced Vulture. The king of vultures, showing who's boss at this carcass. This picture was taken at Maasai Mara. Unfortunately, vultures in Kenya are at the risk of critical endangerment. This is because of conflicts between the Maasai and big cats. Vulture poisoning happens when a lion...
  7. Himalayan Griffon and Griffon Vulture

    Himalayan Griffon and Griffon Vulture

    The agnostic behaviour of Griffon Vultures and Himalayan Griffon.
  8. Red-headed Vulture | Sarcogyps calvus

    Red-headed Vulture | Sarcogyps calvus

  9. A sky full of vultures

    A sky full of vultures

    Woops! I've lost track of the chronology here. Leaping forward half a day, we are now just outside Kruger Nat'l Park. Gazing over the fence as we approached the entrance gate, we saw this column of vultures rising on a thermal. I forget whether there were three or four species: White-backed...
  10. Vultures


    Vultures on a carcass of crocodile
  11. Griffon in B&W

    Griffon in B&W

    Normally, having blue skies in the background and not framing the whole bird, is seen as something negative in bird photography. B&W, might help to stand out the expression and details on the plumage of this griffon, and improve this image. What do you think?
  12. Four African Vultures

    Four African Vultures

    This is a picture I took on the last trip to Senegal. I think it's a good portrait of four African Vultures. From left to right: Hooded Vulture, Rppell's Griffon, Eurasian Griffon and White-backed Vulture. During the next trip It would be good to add a Lappet-faced and a White-headed Vulture on...
  13. Majestic Griffon Vultures in Spain

    Majestic Griffon Vultures in Spain

    A tricky landing for the previous bird on a steep mountain crag to join it's mate!
  14. Egyptian Vulture, Ginginianus subspecies, Bandavgarh, India

    Egyptian Vulture, Ginginianus subspecies, Bandavgarh, India

    Egyptian Vulture (ssp ginginianus), seen at Bandavgarh National Park, India.
  15. Eurasian Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus)

    Eurasian Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus)

    Cinereous or Eurasian Black Vulture, the biggest raptor in Eurasia in our photo hide at Pyrenees. info AT barcelonabirdingpoint.com
  16. Abella Hide 1

    Abella Hide 1

    Griffon & Egyptian Vultures sharing space at our photo hide in the Pyrenees.
  17. Vultures Eating

    Vultures Eating

  18. Vulture Feast

    Vulture Feast

    Vultures in action, doing what they do best.
  19. Four species of vulture

    Four species of vulture

    Once the dust had settled it was possible to get some decent shots of individual birds. Here: Lappet-faced in centre, Hooded front to the right, White-backed behind that, and Cape at the back.
  20. Vulture feed

    Vulture feed

    There's quite an impressive regular vulture feed at Moholoholo. On the day we visited there were a couple of hundred birds in the air leading up to feeding time. Once the vehicle dropped off the bones, etc, they were feeding, it was dust clouds and pandemonium for a while. This shot only gives...
  21. Griffon Vultures, Gyps fulvus

    Griffon Vultures, Gyps fulvus

    Griffon Vultures, Gyps fulvus at a kill.
  22. Turkey Vultures

    Turkey Vultures

    On a hike I was allowed to sit in for awhile at a Turkey Vultures roost. There was about 6 to 8 of them waiting for the sun to warm the skies.
  23. Ready, Set, Go!

    Ready, Set, Go!

    Turkey Vulture Lift Off
  24. Longbilled and White-rumped Vulture

    Longbilled and White-rumped Vulture

    Gyps indicus and Gyps bengalensis
  25. Gyps bengalensis White-rumped Vulture

    Gyps bengalensis White-rumped Vulture

    Critically endangered