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A few birds from Vietnam. (1 Viewer)

Grahame Walbridge

Well-known member
21-22 both are Plain Prinias ssp. herberti, 2nd image appears longer-tailed due to missing (moulting?) upper tail coverts.

Brown Prinia has a thinner, much less distinct supercilium, streaked upperparts and more saturated underparts. Also note the taxon of Brown that occurs in S,C Annam is a very likely future split, Annam Prinia Prinia rocki following Alsrtrom et al 2019 https://www.shanghaibirding.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Alstrom-et-al.-2019-Prinia-crinigera-polychroa-Ibis.pdf see image p13 (d) for comparison.

IOC proposal splits https://www.worldbirdnames.org/updates/proposed-splits/[/URL

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Andy Adcock

Well-known member
can I politely suggest that you post 5 birds in one thread then another 5 in another thread etc, much easier to follow this way, don't know if anyone agrees?
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Yes, of course. I thought that starting a few topics at the same time would be rude.

Hi Lazlo (and others) - I agree with Andy that it's easier if you post five (or maximum ten) birds in one post. It's easier for people to get an overview. (But some people attach one photo per post which is the same problem in the opposite direction and also not helpful.)

No-one thinks it's rude to make several posts in succession, as long as you are not simply posting every bird you saw and using BF instead of buying a guide book.

When I have a lot of questions, I often make several threads (I think my record is eleven) - each with the same name, but a different number. But I make an effort to ID the birds myself first, and include my own guess to show I've made the effort.

And I also sort my photos, so that rather than posting photos in the order I took them, I post similar birds together - e.g. if it's African birds: raptors in one (or two) posts, weavers in one post, ground birds in one post and so on.
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