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Well-known member.....apparently so ;)
Am off to Chile for 3 weeks next month, taking in north, central and south. Would love to hear from those of you that have been and any nuggets you can share? Anyone know of a reliable place for Chilean Woodstar? Anybrecent DSP sites? Anything else will always be of use, places to stay, places to go off the beaten track...places to avoid!
As always, thanks in advance πŸ™‚
If you want a proper downer before you go, read my brief report

which is hidden in another thread somewhat, which is a shame, because it has some real gems, such as the conclusion: "Next time I feel the need to burn 50 dollars uselessly, I will do better by doing that literally instead." - yes, I am my own biggest fan :)

Truth to be told, the next day, I went to the "endemics road" to Farellones and it was splendid! I also tried to find some birds in the areas between Santiago and the coast where there should some endemic Hawks and Pigeons as far as I recall and it again completely failed on the lack of access to anywhere.

I know a fantastic DSP site in Argentina if you ever wanted, one where probably no birder has been before (it's a solid day of hiking away from any road). I have not seen the Chilean Woodstar due to lack of preparation (it's pretty much impossible to just bump into it) during my magnificent 5 day Arica/Putre stunt, but the Putre area was quite nice. I was quite randomly in San Pedro de Atacama a few years back and the road to El Tatio had pretty good altiplano birds - there is the weird situation that the higher you go into the mountain the β€Šless of a desert it is - I come to work to the deserts above Antofagasta sometimes and that's dead as Mars.

A long long time ago I was on Chiloe. Not many birds, it was very early spring, rainy and I still did not know much about birding but I still remember seeing my first ever hummingbird there! Then years later I saw another one in Torres del Paine - at that point I have seen many hummers, but was still shocked to see one at 52 degrees south!
Cheers Jan, sure I've read somewhere about a hummer garden in Putre...? Have to keep digging. So long as I see King Penguin πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
There is a great garden with hummers in San Miguel de Azapa below Putre, I have been thwre but it doesn't have the Woodstar. Putre itself is way too high.
For the Woodstar, Try around here. I don't know if the garden is still open.
Chaca valley as an alternative, e.g. here.
As a last resort, try around Cuya. The scrub should be good, especially where you have some larger trees. Maybe those trees are Geoffroea decorticans, (a food source for the hummer) but I don't know for sure.

I honestly don't know why ebird has this species as 'sensitive' and thus details of sightings are hidden, as these hummers are threatened by relentless habitat destruction, and not so much birders or other persons knowing where the birds are clinging on.
Birders could even be a big factor in protecting this species as ecotourism would create more awareness. Anyway... Enough ranting... Good luck!
The first link is the garden I mentioned. I was there in 2018 and the woodstars were not present and some people told me that they aren't seen there. There was Oasis Hummingbird and Peruvian Sheartail.
Probably too old to be helpful, but here is a link to a report
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