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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Durham ,Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies. (1 Viewer)

Hello Ian,
i found 2x B.B.Chasers in sunny glade by seats as you go through towards the small ponds not near the car park. Not a great shot taken with telephoto lens as dragonfly was up in the trees. L.Red. Common Blue and Blue Tail Damsels along with Comma, Red Admiral, Peacock, Speckeled Wood and a few whites also in same spot.

Cheers, I know the spot you mean :t:
Several dingy skipper at the usual ditch near edge of Colliery Wood, Boldon and other sites within wood, one some distance away. Also my first Walls of the year seen.
colliery woods abit breezy this afternoon. lots of whites and afew small coppers
also a pair of mute swans on the pond feeding.
both unrung


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A walk around Cowpen Bewley produced Large & Small Whites, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Wall Brown and pair of mating Common Blues. Mother Shipton Moth near the centre. Also a couple of Large Red Damsells.

(should have taken my Macro lens;))


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Martin found a Brimstone Butterfly in his garden at Roker today, anyone with access to the durham bird club forum can see a couple of photo's he managed to get.
Martin, Andrew and myself had a trip to Bishop Middleham quarry and Rainton Maedows today mainly looking for butterflies and we werent dissapointed with this selection.


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And a few more...


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Is it too much to ask of you lads to add names to these cracking pics....it is frustrating to an aging but still learning nature lover.......:t:

Thanks and cheers......... Joe

Hi joespy,

Post 1:
Image 1 - Dingy Skipper
Image 2 - Durham Brown Argus
Image 3 - Wall Brown
Image 4 - Small Heath
Image 5 - Common Blue

Post 2:
Image 1 - Forgot the name!
Image 2 - Green-veined White
Image 3 - Small White
Image 4 - Large Skipper
Image 5 - Small Copper

A look out with sadly rokermartin for butterflies today. Had a great day. Started off at Cowpen Bewley where we had cracking views of Speckled Wood which was new for me. Also loads of Common Blues, Large Skippers, 1 Northern (Durham) Brown Argus, Small Copper, Small Heath, Large White and Small White.

Dorman's Pool produced nothing much in the way of butteflies with only Peacock, Common Blue, and Small Heath noted. No sign of any Dingy Skippers here or Graylings yet.

Finally we rounded the day off at Bishop Middleham quarry where we had many Common Blues, load of Durham Brown Argus, Large Skipper, Peacock, Dingy Skipper, Large White, Small White, Orange Tip, and Green-veined White.
Thanks lads...nice for you all then that Durham has its own Butterfly....the Durham Brown Argus.... ;)
Cheers Joe
Is it too much to ask of you lads to add names to these cracking pics....it is frustrating to an aging but still learning nature lover.......:t:

Thanks and cheers......... Joe

Quite right i'll try and put names with them in future, i would have answered you earlier but i've been away for a week but i see Andrew has named them anyway.
Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park

Yesterday after epic White-throated Robin twitch, a one to remember for a long, long while!

Also seen but not photographed; Small Tortoiseshell. :t:

Image 1: Speckled Wood
Image 2: Common Blue
Image 3: Large Skipper


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Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park part 2

Image 1: Small Heath
Image 2: Durham Brown Argus
Image 3: Meadow Brown



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Not quite Durham but managed to see my first Large Heaths and a Small Pearl Borderd Fritillery at Fenn Bog(somewhere in Yorkshire i believe) yesterday.


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