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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

FOUR ASHES and District. (1 Viewer)

Some of the wildlife...

1...Banded Demoiselle
2...Beautiful Demoiselle


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Hi Keith,

Pic 2 looks like a Banded Demoiselle to me. Beautiful should have uniformly coloured wings if I remember correctly. Bandeds will hang around canals and pools with lots of lush vegetation. The only Beautifuls I have seen are around much faster flowing streams with 'gravelly' beds.

You never know what else could be lurking round there.

Good luck!

Hi Keith,

Have you seen any flooded areas or areas of mud around that area?

Would be interested to know in case of potential wader habitat to check for the coming migration which has already started.


Woops sorry Steve - only just seen your above post..slightly late I think.....lol

Hopefully I will be posting here some more from now on as there is a bit of winter action starting around the site.

At daybreak this morning there were about a dozen Long Tailed Tits moving in amongst the sparse trees that divide the units...they were here and gone in seconds.
Seeing them I quickly got the bins and camera from the car and about 9am there were some Thrushes on the more distant tree tops and I got a couple of shots.
They were big ones and I hoped for Fieldfare but think they were Mistle Thrush.

Keith :t:


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On the 16th Dec I had a few Redwing in the same tree as the Mistle Thrush in last report.

Last Thursday I only had literally a minute to locate the Great Northern Diver at Gailey Sailing Pool and it was on far shore .....having a little rest from diving.

Keith :t:


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Popped down to Gailey after early shift for the Great White Egret and Great Northern Diver.
The sun had gone in and the wind was howling around the sailing pool - a quick sighting and dive from the Diver and a fly over and land from the Egret.
Apparently when i saw the Diver last week it was ill and not resting but I was told its looking better now.
Loads of GCGrebes around.
Keith :t:


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Kestrel and Prey

He flew across the road in front of my car and I quickly stopped,got the camera out of the boot and got 2 shots off before he flew off....only one turned out.
Keith :t:


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Hundreds of Lapwing in previously ploughed fields just opposite and past Straight Mile turn on way to Gailey.
Some were being chased by the Gulls...also lots of Pigeon and Corvids.
The Kestrel is also to be spotted around here - mostly on the wires.
really happy with this thread. I live just down the road in Fordhouses. Love the activity on my doorstep. Can I get some info on Belvide/ Gailey? Im still a very new member of the birding community and getting familiar with the local spots.
really happy with this thread. I live just down the road in Fordhouses. Love the activity on my doorstep. Can I get some info on Belvide/ Gailey? Im still a very new member of the birding community and getting familiar with the local spots.

Both sites can be visited with a permit from the West Midland Bird Club.

Belvide is a cracking reserve with hides, feeding stations etc. News on sightings can be found on Steve Nuttall's excellent Belvide Birding blog.

Gailey doesn't have the hides etc and is generally disturbed with sailing and fishing. However it does turn up the occasional goodie and is easy to do quickly. I get there most weekends and will start doing pre and post work visits with the longer daylight hours. If you've got any particular species queries just say as there's plenty of birders on here to assist.

Good birding

As I got in my car on works car park on 4 ashes the other day I saw a Hawk coming towards me in my wing mirror.....it was quite small and brown (crap observation ) and veered off down to the incinerator......had both Kestrel and Sparrowhawk on the main road here before.

HOBBY came from around Coton circled over Stratford Road and back towards Coton again.
2 Buzzard circling incinerator area between torrential rain showers.
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2 Large birds circling the incinerator around 2pm....thought both were RAVEN but no bins and only had my phone to get these snaps.....nightmare trying to focus......one looks to have a different tail ?


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Always hundreds of Lapwing...along with Gulls Corvids and Pigeons in the wet/flooded fields just past the slip road onto M6 at junc 12.
Four Ashes Incinerator 15/3/22...3pm..... I am always seeing multiple Buzzards overhead and have spotted Ravens...Sparrowhawks and Peregrines but today as I was leaving work I had my camera as a Peregrine circled. It went behind the Incinerator but then showed up again (could have been another) and as I was struggling to focus etc my last pics were a Sparrowhawk....LOL.....just hoping I have camera ready when (if) the Barn Door comes to the area again...2 cropped and 2 as shot pics...


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