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Odd behaviour from a female mourning dove... (1 Viewer)


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Earlier this afternoon I went out front of my townhouse in northern Virginia to plant a few things. While I'm out there a female mourning dove appeared on my front walk way while I wasn't looking and 5 hours later she hasn't left. What's odd is that I was able to get within a foot or two as I'm going in and out and she stays put. I've left her alone as much as I can, except when I needed to walk past her and this evening I put a bowl of water and a bowl of bird seed out in the yard near her. She ate some seed, not sure if she drank any water. It's coming up on 6 hrs and while she's walked around a bit, she hasn't gone more than 4 feet from where I initially saw her. It's getting dark and last I saw here she was sitting under a bush right next to our front walk.

I read the thread below this one about an overly friendly bird that may be a juvenile and not afraid of people yet. I don't think this mourning dove is a juvenile, but I don't know for sure. I haven't seen her fly at all. She's spread her wings a couple times and in my lay opinion they looked to not be damaged but I'm really not an expert.

Should I be concerned for her or try to get her to a wildlife vet or something? Having her there doing her thing while I do mine is very cool I think, but it's just such odd behaviour for a wild bird that I'm worried she might need help. Any thoughts anyone?

Tl;Dr: a dove has been sitting on my front step for about 6 hours, hasn't moved far from there at all, even when I walk past her. Should I try and get her to a wildlife vet or someone like that

KC Foggin

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Is there a possibility that she has a nest somewhere near where you were planting and your nearness to it makes her worried and keep an eye on you? See what happens when you go inside.

On behalf of the Staff here at BirdForum, a warm welcome to you. It's good to have you here with us and please keep us updated ;)


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Thanks for responding and thank you for welcoming me here.

The mourning dove is still here this morning. I double checked for any nests nearby in my yard as well as my neighbors' yards, and found nothing.

Ive reached out to a wildlife rescue organization and I'll update once I hear back from them.

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