On House Sparrows (1 Viewer)

On the shed rafter in her feathery nest in a straggly ball of hay
The brown house sparrow her pea sized speckled eggs does lay
When born her young do cheep for food all through the day
To chirp and chirp that is the sparrow's way
All year in all weather rain, wind , snow and sunshine
They chirp all the day these favourite birds of mine
In most parts of the World to many quite well known
The house sparrows have a charm all of their own
I have known and loved them since I was a boy
And hearing them chirp a thing I still enjoy
Familiar birds to many in their feathers of gray and mottled brown
Of hedgerows and parks and backyards of the countryside and town
Introduced by humans to many Countries house sparrows are known Worldwide
And in backyards and parks and gardens they are happy to reside

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