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Pigeons Nesting Next To Garage (1 Viewer)


Pigeons have decided to build a nest in a bush right next to a door leading into my garage which is used daily.

They nested in the same bush the year before but higher up. However, where they are now, every time I go out to the garage the female sits there until I get right next to the door then makes a dash for it.

I'm not going to harm her but, of course, she doesn't know that. Why do they choose a location so close to the ground?

When the eggs are laid do you think she will just stay there if I'm going into the garage?

The nest they used last year is still in the same bush but with growth around it and I think it is difficult for them to access. If opened up access and removed the new nest would that help or do they routinely choose a new nest every year?


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I'm assuming that pigeons are not the most intelligent birds. They are sitting in the tiniest nest with one on top of the other!


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Got a similar "problem" as you BFI, same place as last year 12" away from the bolt on the back gate, so We have to reach up close to unbolt it. Provided We are slow the Pigeon seems to be OK.
Have to say, that apart from the inconvenience it is quite nice, last year they had 3 chicks, all raised OK.


Andy Adcock

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Assume we're talking Wood Pigeons?

We have had a pair from the kitchen window for several years now, always in the same Leylandii. Not sure it's the brightest strategy, you'd think that the local Magpies and Squirrels would have them figured out but they always seem to rear young.


Thanks for your replies.

Yes, Andy, they are Wood Pigeons. They were there this morning but have now flown off.
I can see into the nest but nothing has been laid yet.

You can see how close my garage side door is and I can't avoid using it. I'm concerned that once the chicks arrive the mother will desert them if she feels at risk.

Den - I think I will have to creep up very slowly!!
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I've been in and out of the garage and the female has remained in the nest.

This morning she left the nest, not because of anything I did, and I was able to see that there are two eggs in there.

She's now back and in situ.

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