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SW Ontario. what kind of hawk is this? and do they come back for a kill? (1 Viewer)


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I'm in Hamilton, Ontario.. at the western tip of Lake Ontario. I just saw some movement in the backyard caught my eye, over by the compost heap on the other side of the fence.. I could see some big bird eating something.. so I go out there in the snow, and it's this big hawk taking strips of meat off something it just killed, and all these crows are going nuts

so it got spooked.. and flew off to my neighbour's tree. the crows kept mobbing it from tree to tree, until it finally took off down the street with a bunch of crows after it. Not sure what kind of hawk it is. I shot some footage of it here. can anyone identify it?


I went and checked the scene of the kill just now, and it's a big black squirrell.. you can see the tracks where it got chased down and hit. it dropped it few feet from where I saw it feeding. so it's still sitting there. I don't see any crows around either. the hawk got chased wayyyy down the street, and then I lost sight of them.. do hawks come back for their kill, when the coast is clear?

edit - is it possible to embed Youtube videos in a post?


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thanks everyone!

and are they known to return to a kill when they are scared off like that? It didn't eat much before flying off, so I was surprised it would just abandon a decent meal. the winter has been very severe this year so it must be hungry.

I can see the squirrel's body from my window and I certainly never saw it come back yesterday.

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