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Timelapse camera recommendations? (1 Viewer)


I was wondering if anyone in the camera/photography forum has any recommendations for a timelapse camera? Budget would be around £300 max, but anything cheaper would be great. Doesn't have to have amazing specs (1024 would be fine) and ideally be able to cover 1-2 days worth of footage.

I have looked at the Atli Eon camera, but this gets mixed reviews and doesn't seem to be easily available at the moment.
Most camera traps can operate in timelapse mode as can GoPros. Depending on the shot frequency you may need to hook them up to an external power supply.
I have an 8 year old Olympus TG-4 which you can pick up for under £300 and it has an incredible array of features for the money including time lapse ( interval shooting).
There's one on eBay for £50. The TG-6 can be bought for £300 but I don't have the specs on that to compare. The TG-4 will take up to 299 frames in time lapse.
Found a video to illustrate
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For this price you should find a 2nd hand Canon DSLR with a lens, and install Magic Lantern firmware... check their website to see which models are supported but last time I checked with my 7D the battery was drained in a few hours with my version of ML (that was many years ago!), maybe things have changed, or other camera models do last longer, or you might use a power supply, and get 1-2 days? You should find the answer with some basic search...

If you are not a nerd, the easiest way would be a trail camera/camera trap, as mentioned in the 2nd post... under 100 euros/£, weatherproof! Not the same image quality as a real camera of course, but although IR flash at night will drain more juice, you should get thousands of pictures with a set of batteries...
It might help if we knew what you intend to photograph and why. If it's to check out what creatures visit over a period of time then a trail camera is probably the best way to go. If it's to record the tide coming in and out or a flower opening then you need something different, a camera with a suitable lens .
Thank you for the replies. Sorry, should have added that the reason I am looking for the camera is to capture a timelapse of my garden rather than wildlife. I had so far only searched for dedicated timelapse cameras and hadn't considered a cheap compact camera, so that is a good suggestion, thanks.

Would the TG-4 have enough battery life for 12 hours timelapse?
Would the TG-4 have enough battery life for 12 hours timelapse?
You would be taking only 299 shots which is one every 2.4 minutes. That shouldn't present a problem, they hold the battery power very well. They are waterproof too so no need to worry about the weather and you can even time lapse under water ! Roughly how big an area do you want to cover? I'll dig mine out and take an example shot if you like.
That is good to know, thanks. It is quite a wide panoramic view but I wouldn't mind if it doesn't capture it all. Yes, an example would be good to see, thanks.
Although the video I posted states you can take 299 shots I can't see any way of extending it beyond 99 so that might be an issue , there again one every 7 minutes might suffice your needs.
The first shot is wide open, the second using the optical zoom. You can cover a fairly wide area.P9270100.JPGP9270101.JPG
299 shots is about 10secs of video. I would reiterate the GoPro option, they will run in time-lapse mode until the card is full and will auto-stitch the images into a video. There are a host of apps available that will use a phone in time-lapse.

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