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European Greenfinch

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MalePhoto © by silverstreak195Wallington gardens, Northumberland, 2003
Photo © by silverstreak195
Wallington gardens, Northumberland, 2003
Chloris chloris

Carduelis chloris


[edit] Identification

Male varies from bright olive green in summer to a greyer shade of green after moult
Female duller and browner above.

Both have brilliant yellow wing panel.

[edit] Distribution

FemalePhoto © by postcardcv
Photo © by postcardcv

Europe, north Africa and south west Asia.

Introduced to New Zealand.

[edit] Taxonomy

[edit] Subspecies

There are 6 subspecies[1]:

  • C. c. chloris:
  • C. c. voousi:
  • C. c. vanmarli:
juvenilePhoto © by Daniel C. BradleyMauerbach, Austria, July 2013
Photo © by Daniel C. Bradley
Mauerbach, Austria, July 2013
  • C. c. aurantiiventris:
  • C. c. chlorotica:
  • C. c. turkestanica:

A further 4 subspecies, madaraszi, harrisoni, muehlei and bilkevitschi, are not recognised by all authorities[1].

Formerly placed in genus Carduelis.

[edit] Habitat

Woodland edges, farmland hedges and gardens and parks.

[edit] Behaviour

Photo © by Joe52Bournemouth, Hampshire, UK, April 2012
Photo © by Joe52
Bournemouth, Hampshire, UK, April 2012

Can be aggressive when competing for food, chasing off other smaller birds.

[edit] Diet

The diet includes seeds. Regularly visiting garden bird feeders.

[edit] Breeding

April to August. Twigs form the base of the nest, upon which is made a bowl of moss lined with grass, rootlets, feathers and wool and is located in a bush or tree. The clutch consists of 4-5 pale blue eggs with reddish-brown spots. Incubation takes about 2 weeks, the chicks fledging after 13-16 days. There may be up to 3 broods in the season.

[edit] Vocalisation

Listen in an external program

[edit] References

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  2. Bird Watching
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