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Mangrove Whistler

From Opus

Photo by wengchunPulau Kukup National Park, Johore, Malaysia, June 2004
Photo by wengchun
Pulau Kukup National Park, Johore, Malaysia, June 2004

Alternative names: Grey Thickhead; Grey Mangrove Flycatcher-shrike

Pachycephala cinerea

Inlcudes: Palawan Whistler


[edit] Identification

Photo by robby thaiKo Man Nai Island, Thailand, April 2018
Photo by robby thai
Ko Man Nai Island, Thailand, April 2018

15·5–17 cm (6-6¾ in). A large-headed bird with few field marks.

  • Head dull grey to ashy brown
  • Ashy grey upperparts
  • Umber tail
  • White underparts, faintly brown mottled throat and cheek
  • Brown eye
  • Black bill

Sexes alike. Juveniles have warm rusty brown upperparts.

[edit] Distribution

Found on coasts from northeast India (including Andamans) east to Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, inland in Laos, south Vietnam, Singapore, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok, several other small islands in Indonesia and Palawan (Philippines).
A widespread species, fairly common to scarce in its range.

[edit] Taxonomy

Forms a superspecies with Green-backed Whistler, White-vented Whistler and Island Whistler and is sometimes considered conspecific with the first two.
Some authorities use the name Pachycephala grisola, but the type specimen is lost and grisola should not be used as it's unidentifiable.

[edit] Subspecies

Two subspecies accepted[1]:

  • P. c. plateni on Palawan, Philippines
  • P. c. cinerea in rest of range.

Proposed vandepolli, butaloides and secedens are usually not accepted and merged with the nominate.

Plateni is sometimes accepted as full species, Palawan Whistler.

[edit] Habitat

Mangroves and adjacent coastal woodland. Also locally in plantations and gardens near coast. Plateni is found in forests at all elevations.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] Diet

Feeds on insects.
Often joins mixed-species flocks.

[edit] Breeding

Breeding from March to June in Southeast Asia, April to July in India. The nest is a flimsy cup placed 1 - 4m above the ground, sometimes higher. Lays 2 eggs.

[edit] Movements

Resident species.

[edit] References

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