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Pacific Gull

From Opus

Photo © by Birdeye Victor Harbor, South Australia, December 2006
Photo © by Birdeye
Victor Harbor, South Australia, December 2006
Larus pacificus


[edit] Identification

1st Summer, subspecies pacificusPhoto © by bievreJJBaumaris bay, Victoria, Australia, November 2013
1st Summer, subspecies pacificus
Photo © by bievreJJ
Baumaris bay, Victoria, Australia, November 2013

58–65 cm (22¾-25½ in)

  • Black back
  • Yellow bill tipped with scarlet
  • Black upper wings and wing tips
  • White tail with broad black band near the end
  • Yellow legs

Juveniles - mottled brown, pale face, pink bill with black tip.

[edit] Distribution

Native to the coasts of Australia. The nominate eastern race prefers sheltered beaches, while the western race georgii is commonly found on exposed shores.

[edit] Taxonomy

[edit] Subspecies

There are two subspecies[1]:

  • L. p. georgii:
  • L. p. pacificus:

[edit] Habitat

Sandy, or rocky coasts and sandy beaches. Rarely travels far inland. They occasionally visit farmland and rubbish tips.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] Breeding

These birds are often solitary or in pairs. They build either a scrape in the ground lined with stones and gravel, or a shallow bowl made of grass, seaweed, feathers and sticks, as their nest. Their clutch contains 2-3 mottled brown eggs which the female incubates while the male forages for food.

[edit] Diet

Their diet consists of fish, squid and molluscs foraged in the intertidal zone. They also take crabs, fish offal and carrion.

[edit] References

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