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  1. 'The Letter F'

    'The Letter F'

    The latest tile in my series [as of writing]. The pinkish cityscape of flamingo's fraternity nevertheless finds itself a diverse community; for each bird here belongs to a family of its own. In flight are pirates and foul-gulls, and grounded on the display of polydactyly is a flock of pigeons...
  2. 'The Letter E'

    'The Letter E'

    This is the most recent of my alphabetical tiles to reach completion. [https://www.birdforum.net/threads/my-alphabetical-bird-compendium.459273/] There is an Elf Owl, an Eagle Owl, some Emus and an Elephant Bird to be found amongst the nine species which can be seen [eight extant]. Can you break...
  3. MohoNobilis

    Red Kite for someone special :)

    I have just realized that I don't usually post my art here... so I am posting this because I am quite proud of this quick artwork of mine. If you have read some of my previous posts, you may have noticed that I really like red kites. They have always been special birds to me, as they were the...
  4. Interceptor


    12x9 pyrography, colored pencil, and gold leaf on wood depicting a Peregrine Falcon
  5. Lone Icon

    Lone Icon

    12x9 pyrography, colored pencil and gold leaf on wood
  6. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer

    12x9 pyrography, colored pencil, and gold leaf on wood. 2022
  7. J

    Some of my Birds Illustrations

    Hello, everybody! :) Hope you all are doing well. It's my first post showing my artworks here. I'm illustrator and even I've started drawing with traditional medium and most in realistic style, currently I illustrate birds in a "cartoon-ish" style. So it's always a lovely challenge to make a...
  8. SandhillCrane02


    Drew this guy and I love how it came out
  9. SandhillCrane02

    An oldish Egret and Macaw

    So these are both older digital pieces I've done and I felt like they're nice enough to share :giggle: Thinking of doing a new series with some songbirds I've been seeing on my trips lately, but we'll see how that goes haha
  10. White-collared Manakin

    White-collared Manakin

    This Manakin was painted for the field guide 101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica. It’s included not because its common all over Costa Rica but because its very common in the specific regions where its found. That was the criteria for which species was included in the book. They display in leks...
  11. Hanging Around

    Hanging Around

    Pyrography (wood burning) and acrylic on basswood board. My brother provided me with a reference photo he took around Platoro, CO, USA of this Black-billed Magpie (Pica hudsonia)
  12. B

    identify birds on artwork

    Dear bird lovers, Could you please help me identify the birds on this artwork by 'Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti'? I need to know their name and where they live. I numbered the birds for convenience. Thank you all for advance 🙏 And greetings from the Netherlands!
  13. RCHines

    "Nightstalker" - Barred Owl

    "Nightstalker" pyrography (wood burning ) and acrylic on basswood round, 13"x9" inches, 2021 After finishing up Quotations, I was inspired to pull out some of my photos and used a Barred Owl I'd taken at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. This bird was an education bird (a bird that they...
  14. RCHines

    "Quotations" - Raven

    "Quotations," pyrography (wood burning) and acrylic on basswood round, 9"x13" inches, 2021 (pending sale!) I started this one last year (2020) in July after an ileostomy reversal and got most of the it done except the insane detail in the throat. I got intimidated and let it sit until April...
  15. Nightstalker


    Pyrography and acrylic on basswood round, 13x9 inches, 2021. Wood burning piece I did of a Barred Owl who works as an education bird and foster mom at a local raptor center.
  16. Quotation


    "Quotations" pyrography (woodburning) and acrylic on basswood round. 9.5" x 12" 2021. Raven doing a bit of squawking!
  17. Watercolour Wren

    Watercolour Wren

    Over the last couple of years or so, I've been trying to learn how to sketch and paint, especially using watercolours. The results are very hit and miss. This is a watercolour I painted for my brother back in June. I am enjoying the huge learning curve. https://www.tomcharlesphotography.co.uk/
  18. Doodlebug Art

    Doodlebug Art

    Doodlebug Art (Family: Myrmeleontidae) Doodlebugs are the larvae of Antlions.
  19. Little corella

    Little corella

  20. Galah


    Graphic illustration of a Galah
  21. Guardians of the West

    Guardians of the West

    pyrography (wood and paper burning) and acrylic washes on paper from a reference photo I took at Mount Capulin in New Mexico, US 2017. 11"x14"
  22. Hypothetical Paradise-Sunbirds

    Hypothetical Paradise-Sunbirds

    The Paradise-Sunbirds is a group of 6 large sunbirds species with a very restricted distribution in mountainous areas of Eastern Africa. They inhabit only in cloud forests and adjacent grasslands and thickets. 1 - Emerald Paradise-Sunbird, Ruwenzori, Uganda & DRC - 1700-2500 m / 2 -...
  23. First attempt - Common Kestrel

    First attempt - Common Kestrel

    I sketched this Kestrel during art class at school. This is my first attempt at drawing a bird in a more realistic style, so it ain't great! I used 2b , Hb and 4b pencils and a kneadable rubber. Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated, I'm still very much a beginner. :)
  24. Cedar waxwing , watercolor

    Cedar waxwing , watercolor

    A visit to Ice caves and photographed this in bird in picnic area. Was good reference to paint in water color
  25. Hypothetical passerines of New Guinea

    Hypothetical passerines of New Guinea

    Long-crested Manucoda, 22 cm, Huon Peninsula, montane forests / Double-horned Bowerbird, 18 cm, South-east New Guinea, lowland and hill rainforests / King wattled Honey-eater, 20 cm, Bird's Head Peninsula, cloud forests / Helmeted Bowerbird, 15 cm, Central Highlands, upper cloud forests /...