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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Zapata Wren

    Zapata Wren

    Cuban endemic, restricted to Zapata Swamp.
  2. Cuban Parakeet.jpg

    Cuban Parakeet.jpg

    Medium size parakeet.
  3. Cuban Tody.jpg

    Cuban Tody.jpg

    A colorful small bird with a relative big head, long bill and short tail. The genus Todus just occurs in the Caribbean with 5 species distributed in Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Cuba with one specie in each island and La Hispaniola with two species.
  4. Bee Hummingbird.jpg

    Bee Hummingbird.jpg

    Male in full plumage color. Males have purple blue back and females are green back. During the breeding season, males are unmistakable due to the iridescent red head and turquoise upperparts.
  5. Bare-legged Owl.jpg

    Bare-legged Owl.jpg

    A charming small size owl with large dark eyes due to their nocturnal behavior, endemic of island of Cuba.
  6. Cuban green woodpecker

    Cuban green woodpecker

    nothing is wasted in nature. A crab squeezed into a mangrove is taken advantage of by this endemic woodpecker
  7. Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat

    Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat

    Interesting colour morph and.....thanks alot lower right!! 😡
  8. Big Brown Bat

    Big Brown Bat

    Great name!!
  9. Waterhouse's Leaf-nosed Bat

    Waterhouse's Leaf-nosed Bat

  10. Cuban Emerald

    Cuban Emerald

  11. Clapper Rail

    Clapper Rail

    ssp. caribaeus
  12. Giant Kingbird

    Giant Kingbird

  13. Key West Quail-Dove

    Key West Quail-Dove

  14. Cuban Tody

    Cuban Tody

    2nd best bird in Cuba!
  15. cuban greenwoodpecker.JPG

    cuban greenwoodpecker.JPG

    Cuban Green Woodpecker
  16. cuban grassquit2.JPG

    cuban grassquit2.JPG

    Cuban Grassquit
  17. Cuban Bullfinch

    Cuban Bullfinch

  18. Oriente Warbler

    Oriente Warbler

  19. bee hummer cu.JPG

    bee hummer cu.JPG

    Bee Hummingbird front on
  20. cuban lizard cuckoo.JPG

    cuban lizard cuckoo.JPG

    Great (Cuban) Lizard Cuckoo
  21. west indian woodpecker.JPG

    west indian woodpecker.JPG

    West Indian Woodpecker - Greater Antillean special
  22. Bare-legged owl (now re-named Cuban Screech owl)

    Bare-legged owl (now re-named Cuban Screech owl)

    This species in a nest hole. Shown to us by a local naturalist.
  23. cuban parakeet wing open.JPG

    cuban parakeet wing open.JPG

    Cuban Parakeet early morning
  24. cuban parrot.JPG

    cuban parrot.JPG

    Cuban Parrot one of 40 seen after it came in to roost
  25. bh quail dove cu.JPG

    bh quail dove cu.JPG

    Blue-headed Quail Dove