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  1. J

    What bird is this? Found in Kenya - Masaii Mara

  2. Fandango739

    SW Florida (USA) - Duck, Shoveler or hybrid?

    I took these photos at a distance yesterday in Lehigh Acres, FL. I had thought them all Mottled, but one of them obviously is not. Is the duck simply a female Northern Shoveler or is it a possible Shoveler - Mottled hybrid? Thanks!
  3. Lakescape - 787

    Lakescape - 787

    Super craftmanship ... ... by Nature ... ___________ Northern Pintail Delhi : India
  4. Tom St

    Ducks in the Netherlands--Groningen

    Hi all! Mallards/Gadwalls and Tufted Ducks are sometimes difficult for me in their summer plumages. Can you confirm Mallard for duck 1 and Tufted Duck for duck 2a-b? Photographs taken 28.08.2022. Thanks!
  5. Lakescape - 747

    Lakescape - 747

    Winter was on the move out ... ... it was time for spring migration ... and time to stretch those fabulous wings ... ... that are going to be tested soon ... ____ Ferruginous Duck ... male Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur India 8 March 2022
  6. Mandarin Duck Male.jpg

    Mandarin Duck Male.jpg

  7. C

    Today, June 16, 2022: Gotland, Sweden, Aijkesträsk on Fårö

    Hi all, We saw this female duck today with some ducklings on Fårö, Ajkesträsk, Gotland, Sweden. We are wondering what it is, we have an idea but nothing is fully in agreement with our bird guide. Thanks, Claudia
  8. Quack


    It's important to appreciate "common" birds, like this glorious Mallard, too.
  9. Long-Tailed Duck

    Long-Tailed Duck

    The Long-Tail drake remains in residence in North Somerset, now paired with a female Tufted duck
  10. 4 Smews [♂]

    4 Smews [♂]

    4 male Smews seen from an observation hut in the Osterfeiner Moor, Damme, Lower Saxony in Germany
  11. Hooded merganser

    Hooded merganser

    I was out exploring a wetland near Lockhart, TX when a couple of male Hooded mergansers flew by. I was able to get a pretty clear capture of this one.
  12. Fandango739

    Bufflehead? South Carolina, USA

    Seen at a distance in a river / marsh area on Hilton Head Island, last week. Single bird. The island is loaded with Hooded Mergansers, but this bird seemed different even at a distance. The photos have been altered in brightness only. If it is a Bufflehead, this would be a new life bird for...
  13. C

    Duck ID Check - Grangettes on Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

    Hello, Sorting though some photos from 2021 I remembered this picture of a duck seen at Les Grangettes on Lake Geneva in May 2021. I thought it was a male Pochard but was never 100% sure. Can anyone advise please. Best regards and thanks in advance Caliboss
  14. Garganey (♂)

    Garganey (♂)

    A Garganey in the nature reserve ‘Disselmersch’, a flood channel area in North Rine-Westphalia, Germany.
  15. Redhead Duck

    Redhead Duck

  16. Smews [♀]

    Smews [♀]

    Female Smews in the nature reserve ‘Bislicher Insel’ nearby Xanten, Germany.
  17. Northern Shoveler (♂)

    Northern Shoveler (♂)

    These male Northern Shovelers are so beautiful, you cannot stop photographing or filming them. This one was swimming in a brook in a nature reserve in Lower Saxony in Germany. Although this clip is a bit wobbly I am sharing it, not only because of its beauty but also because you can hear him...
  18. Common Goldeneye (♂)

    Common Goldeneye (♂)

    A Common Goldeneye which I have seen at the Skärdammen when I started my walk in the Söderåsen National Park in Sweden
  19. Common Eiders

    Common Eiders

    I filmed these Common Eiders at Skälderviken, Arild, Sweden, from the rocks at the sea shore. It looks like the males already started their mating behaviour.
  20. Common Pochard (♂)

    Common Pochard (♂)

    A male Common Pochard in the nature reserve Bislicher Insel nearby the city Xanten, Germany
  21. M

    Help Identifying Taxidermy Ducks

    Firstly, first post so hi! Secondly, and more importantly, hope asking for help with identity of taxidermy is Ok? I came across these in a shop (didn’t buy them, but was intrigued by their identity), and whilst normally I can identify most common/UK species either by eye or with some help from...
  22. Fandango739

    SW Florida USA - Duck & hawk

    This bird seemed too small for a Mottled, appearing not too much larger than the American Coots with which it was keeping company. Seen today at Lakes Park. Bonus bird (no photos): a hawk approximately the size of a Red-shouldered, neutral brown back and perfectly matching tail with no...
  23. Bufflehead


    bufflehead duck
  24. Female Common Pochard

    Female Common Pochard

  25. Wood duck ducklings

    Wood duck ducklings

    Cute row of wood ducklings all lined up on a log next to mom, taking a break from the water.