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  1. MaxesTaxes

    Waterfowl from Vogelplas Starrevaart, Netherlands

    Hi everyone, Here are a few different duck/waterfowl species I photographed in mid-August in the Vogelplas Starrevaart (Netherlands) where I'd like to ask for or confirm my IDs on. The area is known for its high diversity of bird species. I believe it's likely that I was maybe in the "eclipse"...
  2. I  an stand on one leg!

    I an stand on one leg!

    A Mallard needing attention!
  3. I can do the twist!

    I can do the twist!

    Performing Mallard begging to be photographed.
  4. I can splash!

    I can splash!

    This mallard was putting on a show so I could get some pictures .
  5. Garganey - male

    Garganey - male

  6. gadwall


  7. American Black Duck.jpg

    American Black Duck.jpg

    Observed on the opposite side of a waterway
  8. Tom St

    Ducks and warbler in the Netherlands--Groningen

    Could you confirm that the following are indeed a flock of Green-winged Teals and a Sedge Warbler, respectively? Thanks a lot! The warbler (?) in particular confuddled me.
  9. Mandarin drake

    Mandarin drake

    Bird on a bough in woodland
  10. Eastern Marsh Harrier Miss

    Eastern Marsh Harrier Miss

    A duck ducks under water to avoid an Eastern Marsh Harrier
  11. T

    Mallard nest help!

    Hello! I am new here and apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. I am trying to find some information on Mallard ducks and their nesting habits. I live in Ontario, Canada. I have had the same hen nest in the same spot in my backyard for at least the past 4 to 5 springs. She has always...
  12. F

    Unknown pair of Ducks (Den Oever, Netherlands, Waddensea, April 2nd, 2021)

    Today (April 2nd, 2021, morning) I saw in the distance a pair of Ducks that I can't ID. Location: Den Oever, Netherlands, Southern-most edge of Waddensea. I saw the birds right on the shoreline, in the (very) soft surf, in a small group of Ducks. The rest of this group consisted of 5 male and 7...
  13. Male wood duck, breeding plumage

    Male wood duck, breeding plumage

    Simply a stunner of a bird. I traveled to a wetlands a bit farther north and west of my usual spots this weekend specifically to see this duck, as they had bred there in pretty good numbers last year and I was hoping they'd be back again this year. They are!
  14. Wood Duck

    Wood Duck

    From my morning walk today
  15. Common eider

    Common eider

    Common eiders
  16. Red-breasted merganser taking off

    Red-breasted merganser taking off

    A female red-breasted merganser takes flight
  17. Long-tailed duck

    Long-tailed duck

    A non-breeding male long-tailed duck
  18. red-breasted merganser

    red-breasted merganser

    My favorite bird
  19. Black-bellied whistling duck - blue-eyed son

    Black-bellied whistling duck - blue-eyed son

    Black-bellied whistling ducks have brown eyes...unless you find one with a genetic anomaly. This one had striking blue eyes, which stands out more than you'd think when you are looking at 20-30 whistling ducks that all look the same...except one
  20. White-faced whistling duck

    White-faced whistling duck

    Not something usually seen in Florida - this is predominantly a South American duck which may or may not have been occasionally released or escaped...though not established, one seems to pop up in a random Florida wetland every 3-5 years as this one did, hanging around with some black-bellied...
  21. Hooded Merganser 2.jpg

    Hooded Merganser 2.jpg

    Male Hooded Merganser
  22. R

    What bird/duck is this? New Hampshire, USA

    I saw this duck with a large group of mallards and a couple of American Black Ducks. The duck I am having trouble identifying is the black one with the white breast/chest. Is it some sort of hybrid/sub species?
  23. Black-bellied whistling duck flying head-on

    Black-bellied whistling duck flying head-on

    Approaching straight at me at high speed - an interesting perspective of the duck for an in-flight shot
  24. Blue-winged teal

    Blue-winged teal

    Adult male blue-winged teal seen in the San Diego Creek in Newport Beach, California.
  25. Wood duck

    Wood duck

    A drake showing full colors