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european robin

  1. Looking on

    Looking on

    This Robin was, of course, in the most awkward place for light you can imagine, I had quite a lot to do in post-processing to get this result. Hope I've not overdone it. To add to the difficulties, it was taken through the car windscreen.
  2. Robin


  3. Branch line

    Branch line

    I had to go to Forfar for a post-op checkup and eye test in March, for my new specs; so on the way home decided to call in at the Kinnordy reserve. The hides weren't open, of course, as we were still in lock down, but there's a feeding station in the woodland. So armed with some feed to top up...
  4. Nesting robin

    Nesting robin

    It was a cloudy day and dark under the canopy. Nice to see a robin to brighten my mood.
  5. Gated


    I park my car beside a gate. My friend usually has put some feed on top of the gate post before I get there. It proves pretty popular as you can see by this Robin tucking in. Unfortunately I often have to take the pictures through my windscreen.
  6. European Robin

    European Robin

    Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  7. robin


  8. Winter song

    Winter song

    European Robin
  9. European Robin

    European Robin

  10. The hidden songster

    The hidden songster

    Took a while to spot this robin singing in the the trees.
  11. Robin in the Rain.

    Robin in the Rain.

  12. Fluffed up

    Fluffed up

    Hope you're not fed up with Robin pictures, but they were so showy that day and this one came pretty close too.
  13. Perhaps...


    .... he thought the coconut would be more to his taste, even with a Coal Tit supervising his antics.
  14. 20210131-D85_6484-SmallForWebELN.jpg


    European Robin (image cropped square, reduced in size to small jpeg for web, and watermark added)
  15. Rob on a feeder

    Rob on a feeder

    Another visit to Craighall. I caught this Robin feeding on a hanging feeder, they don't even do that at home, preferring the tray ones. He seems quite at home on there don't you think, so I guess he's been practising his technique while I've been absent LOL
  16. Cold feet

    Cold feet

    The first snow of the year came overnight on the 2/3 January here, but as you can see it wasn't too much fortunately. Poor Robin, but I did give him some seeds to eat and put some on top of the gate post too so he could warm his feet a little.
  17. Robin Close up

    Robin Close up

    Quick snap of the Robin
  18. Two snacks at the ready!

    Two snacks at the ready!

    Sitting on my garden fence one summer, wondering whether to eat up both insects at once!
  19. Always around

    Always around

    You're never far from a Robin I guess. And there are a few hanging around the feeder area on this path. I like to scatter some seed on the ground for them.
  20. Robin juv.

    Robin juv.

  21. European Robin

    European Robin

    Thank you for your comments on my pictures, stay safe and well, and good birding! John
  22. Thanks lady

    Thanks lady

    When I go to those feeders, I usually put some seeds and stuff on the ground. This Robin seemed rather appreciative anyway.
  23. European Robin

    European Robin

    First snow of the year , in my region.
  24. Robin


    Perched on our Garden fence on a frosty morning.
  25. Robin 3.jpg

    Robin 3.jpg

    It’s rude not too, when they hop in front of the lens.😊