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  1. P

    South Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas) April-May 2024

    Hi, Me and one member of my family are doing a South Mexico trip from 27 April - 13th May. Looking for 1 or 2 companions to bring costs down and bring entertainment up! Planning to hire a guide for Chiapas only while exploring Oaxaca on our own. I know this might be last minute for some, but I...
  2. P

    Mexico Birding Advice!

    Hi all, I'm off next week for a month in Mexico on a trip with my partner. I'm from the UK and I have never been to the country before and would love some advice for seeing some wonderful New World species!:) I'll be starting in Mexico City before heading to Oaxaca, and then Puerto Escondido in...
  3. Laughing falcon

    Laughing falcon

    Laughing falcon, perched high in a tree
  4. B

    Unknown Tern - Quintana Roo, Mexico

    I took this photo a few years ago in Mexico but I am unsure exactly what it is. Can anybody assist in identifying?
  5. R

    Puerto Vallarta

    Planning a short trip to PV from Arizona and trying to squeeze in as much birding as possible. So far the itinerary includes 1 full day at San Sebastian de Oeste, one morning in tropical forest areas (with local guide), and one afternoon in Rancho Primavera (El Tuito). We are wanting to see the...
  6. Boucard's wren

    Boucard's wren

    Boucard's wren is found in south-central Mexico, in the states of Puebla, Morelos, Guerrero, and Oaxaca. It inhabits dry to arid forest that sometimes has giant cacti.
  7. G

    Please help me identify this small brown bird?

    Small brown bird seen in Tijuana Mexico Dec 30, 2017. I think it's a Flycatcher or Phebe of some sort.
  8. Guadalupe Junco

    Guadalupe Junco

    A lovely little endemic, whose population is recovering since the work done by a Mexican conservation NGO to remove invasive mammals from the island.
  9. Valéry Schollaert

    "grey" Snowy Egret, Campeche, Mexico

    Hi all, It is possible, from this single shot, to say if this Snowy Egret is just dirty or if the feathers above are really grey for some reasons ? I guess bare parts colours exclude hybridation but a second thought is welcome. Photo from today in a mixed egret colony in Ciudad del Carmen...
  10. Valéry Schollaert

    Terns in Mexico, today

    Hi all, I have spent months in Ciudad del Carmen (Campeche, Mexico) and didn't see any Sterna untill today ! On this photo, you can see two Sterna on the left and I'd like your comment on their identification. I guess Forster's and Common are the two options. Thanks very much. o
  11. Happy Wren

    Happy Wren

    One of the 'small' wrens at 5.3in(13cm) Endemic of W. Mexico
  12. white_brown_jay_albino_leucistic_geai_brun_3_mexico.JPG


    Leucistic, juvenile Brown Jay.
  13. L

    Mexico City Black-polled Yellowthroats

    Hi everyone, I'm living in Mexico City and am hoping to view the endemic Black-polled Yellowthroats that live in the Cienegas del Lerma marshes. I haven't been able to find very much specific information about this site, does anybody know where exactly to enter/park in del Lerma for birding...
  14. juancar dieguez

    To id. in Yucatan

    Hello, in Cobá, México, I think it can be Rupornis but i´m not sure... 15/12/2021
  15. 20211212_153540.jpg


    White eyes vireo
  16. Icterus-chrysater-131931 (1).jpg

    Icterus-chrysater-131931 (1).jpg

    yellow and black turpial, no white on the wings
  17. Eupsittula-nana-131881 (1).jpg

    Eupsittula-nana-131881 (1).jpg

    medium-sized parakeet
  18. Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

    Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

    Golden-cheeked Woodpecker
  19. kahraba

    Blackburnian Warbler ? Yucatan, Mexico

    Hello, is this a Blackburnian Warbler ? If so, is this a first-year bird or a female ? Yucatan, 2018/08/29
  20. kahraba

    Unknown bird - Chunchucmil (Merida) Mexico

    Another terrible long-distance shot against a cloudy sky... I have very little idea of what this could be... It is a bit Kingbird-like but there are no matches in that family. What's more, it is probably smaller in size. No match either in the Vireo family. Any suggestions ? Chunchucmil...
  21. GracieChun

    Hummingbird ID, Los Dinamos, Mexico City, Mexico - 22 November 2020

    Any help identifying this little beauty is very much appreciated. Seen, singing away with a real melodious song (sadly not captured) while walking in the Dinamos, wooded valley to the South of Mexico City on 22 November 2020. Sadly I only have frontal shots so keeping my fingers crossed it’s...
  22. 9DFC0150-2077-470A-8ECC-B767A4B6C3C0.jpeg


    Hungry House Finch
  23. 77DD1043-5065-4235-8E0A-3F3E5315738C.jpeg


    House Finch
  24. F9EDBF67-5518-401B-8967-48AF7DEEF7C6.jpeg


    Great Kiskadee
  25. Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

    Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

    Golden Cheeked Woodpecker