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  1. Stephen Powell

    ID help needed weaver Botswana, Africa

    This was taken at Elephants Sands Lodge, Central District Botswana. June 2018. I would appreciate some help in cleaning up some unidentified birds. please! Thanks in anticipation.
  2. H

    Mourning Doves flew away

    There were a pair of mourning doves making a nest in my backyard, (really close to my window). When I was doing some exercise, I jumped and the doves got scared and flew away from the nest. However, the nest was empty. Will they come back? Because they were really cute and I liked them.
  3. H

    Sensitive wildlife camera to capture blue tits coming and going from nest

    Hi, For the first year ever some blue tits decided to nest in the box I put up two years ago. I was over the moon and the past couple of weeks have been so happy for me watching the parents come and go. As soon as I realised they were there I bought a Usogood wildlife camera which I set up on...
  4. G

    Baby Mourning Dove Left Nest

    Early today one of the baby mourning doves (approximately 5 days old since it hatched) was sitting on one of my window ledges when it got spooked and flew off across the street. The mom and dad weren’t at the nest, so I thought they would go search for the baby when they got back. It’s been...
  5. L

    Carolina Wrens abandoned nest?

    Hello all! I have a bit of a situation.. a lovely pair of Carolina Wrens recently made a nest in a bucket full of horse bandages on a shelf in my garage here in middle Tn. The eggs hatched about a week ago, I believe there are 5 chicks, I have only ever used a camera to zoom in from a distance...
  6. C

    Sparrow eggs/nest

    Hello! I’m in need of some advice regarding a sparrows nest on my front door wreath. We didn’t notice the nest until mama bird had already laid 2 eggs, so we haven’t moved or touched the nest - she later laid 3 more. I live in west Texas where it’s been hot to cold the last two weeks. We’ve been...
  7. R

    Robin chick helping clean the nest?

    Hello, I have recently set up a camera in my shed to watch the robins who are nesting in there. Noticed just now the robin feeling the chick, then the chick passing an egg/eggshell? back to the robin and the robin flying off with it. Video attached. That's just my interpretation of the video...
  8. A

    Can Currawongs (or birds in general) have phantom pregnancies?

    Hi, We have a currawong who spent over 2 weeks building a nest in the tree next to our balcony. It's been quite an honor being able to witness firsthand / up close the persisting process of getting a single twig to balance on a branch, and eventually build it into a nest. Very satisfying to...
  9. Greater Racket-tailed Drongo vs Slender-billed Crow

    Greater Racket-tailed Drongo vs Slender-billed Crow

    Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus) 大盤尾 chases away Slender-billed Crow (Corvus enca) 細嘴烏鴉. This was on same day but several kilometers away from previous post of drongo vs hornbill. Likely another nest nearby of different drongo family.
  10. P

    Indian ringneck parrot in a Woodpeckers nest

    See video. Question: Is it normal that these Parrots use Woodpacker Treeholes for nesting??? I have seen two of these in my area...
  11. Z


    Hi everyone! First timer here…. I joined because I have a Anna’s Hummingbird that nested (and laid two eggs) on my balcony. I setup a camera and am going to live stream the hatching! You can see all of the content on my YouTube channel I created...
  12. W

    Relocating swallow nest

    Hi We are converting an outdoor building and want to relocate a swallow nest that we know has been in there an active for the last 3 years. where is the best place for us to do this, what are the things that swallows need
  13. W

    Mourning Dove Nests

    Can I spray the mourning doves nest with soapy water? I recently had a pair of dove nest on my window and their squads matured to fledglings and they have left the nest as of now. I don't want any mites to start appearing as I don't want a mite infestation in my home/mites killing future squads.
  14. White stork flying with nesting material.

    White stork flying with nesting material.

    A white stork flying with nesting material.
  15. T

    Mallard nest help!

    Hello! I am new here and apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. I am trying to find some information on Mallard ducks and their nesting habits. I live in Ontario, Canada. I have had the same hen nest in the same spot in my backyard for at least the past 4 to 5 springs. She has always...
  16. C

    Dark eye Junco nest with eggs

    I sought out this forum to seek assistance. Two weeks ago, We noticed a dark eye Junco acting overly friendly and allowing us to get unusually close. We thought she was possibly sick and expected to find her expired in the pine needles. Then last week, we discovered that she had built a...
  17. T

    Carolina Wren question

    Hi all - We have a Carolina Wren that has built a nest in one of our hanging plants on our back patio. Is it okay to carefully water the plant? We obviously do not want to disturb the nest, but we're concerned that the plant will die and the nest will then be unprotected without the leaves...
  18. M

    Question regarding finch nest and eggs

    Apologies if I have not posted this in the right area. I just created this account and not quite sure where to post. Nine days ago I went to take our Christmas wreath off the front door (I know... April and the wreath is still up). To my surprise there was a little birds next there. I put the...
  19. D

    Hi! Joined solely b/c I am in need of Dove Love Help...

    Hi, glad to have found this forum. I love birds, love all wildlife, but I am not an expert, just a love my backyard (North East) as it attracts all sort of birds -- owls, blue jays, finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, etc...AND Mourning Doves... Now, I need to find the place to post...
  20. A

    Blue tit nest box and last year's sad ending

    Hi everyone, not really a happy thing to join the forum with but I wondered if I could ask for some thoughts? Last year we had blue tits in our nest box. Watched them grow up on a camera inside, watched all three survivors fledge early one morning. But they didn't seem to fledge very well and...
  21. M

    How to avoid housing House Sparrows?

    Hi everyone, first time here. I have a feeder outside and have been graced by many types of backyard birds and I hope to encourage some nesting nearby now. I have seen house sparrows in the area, so I was wondering if you guys know what structures House Sparrows DONT use for their nests because...
  22. M

    Mourning Dove Moving its Eggs

    Hello, we had a mourning dove who nested outside of our bathroom window, on the window still and they had laid 2 eggs and were doing pretty fine, sitting in a potted plant with a fake plant for shade underneath the roof of the second story. We could easily see the nest from our bathroom window...
  23. K

    Bald Eagle Nest Drama

    Our local Bald Eagles [in Pembroke Pines, Florida USA] are having their ups and downs as winter approaches. Normally the pair would reunite at the nest in late October and begin repairing the previous year's nest in early November. The nest is in particularly bad shape, as they had to raise two...
  24. Aztec Ant Nest

    Aztec Ant Nest

    Aztec Ant Nest (Azteca andreae: Formicidae) The nest is ca. 2 m (6.6 ft) long. A predatory arboreal ant species.
  25. They Are Back

    They Are Back

    The baya weavers that is. A bit early for them I think probably because we have had a few good offseason showers. Here a female inspects an old nest from last season with a grey wagtail perched beneath her.