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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Cheery


    I then found another (or was it the same bird I wonder) Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo high in a tree, having a bit of a chatter to himself. Their call is nothing like the typical 'cuckoo' song, but a whistle, sometimes a bit plaintive.
  2. Making life difficult

    Making life difficult

    Really not the greatest of pictures, but the best I got of this Lifer that day, and didn't really improve on that at any time during my time in South Australia. This is a Crimson Rosella, a large group, with Adelaide being part. There's discussions on splitting them.... will it happen? They are...
  3. Such a sweet face

    Such a sweet face

    Woodswallows really are so sweet, I rather fell in love with them This is a Dusky Woodswallow, and the only one that I saw on the trip.
  4. A Dark Rainbow

    A Dark Rainbow

    Strange how a different position gives a different result! After the nicely lit kookaburra, I get a poorly lit Rainbow Lorikeet, I have tried to lighten it a bit. Such pretty birds these with all those colours which you can't really see in this pic.... sorry 'bout that.
  5. Checking the sky

    Checking the sky

    On a longer exploration of their hillside property, we found a Laughing Kookaburra at the top of a tree. Fortunately there were many trees to support myself for the high picture. Is he looking for trouble do you think.
  6. Bedtime shower

    Bedtime shower

    Back at John and Dora's in the evening light a White-browed Scrubwren was having a bath, which turned into a shower!! This is the nominate subspecies. Saturday Fun
  7. The garden seems to be full of Lifers!

    The garden seems to be full of Lifers!

    I think this was the only time I saw this wee beauty, or at least the only time I got a picture of a Crescent Honeyeater. You can just see the start of the white crescent, as it carves a crescent shape from the shoulder to the bottom of the breast. Rather nice, aren't they.
  8. Restricted Range

    Restricted Range

    .... well fairly, that is. The Purple-crowned Lorikeet is only found in western Victoria, southern South Australia and south eastern Western Australia. Really pretty lorikeets these and I think John and Dora were lucky to have them visit their garden. I don't know where my brain is at the...
  9. Make-up artist

    Make-up artist

    A Red-browed Finch followed me from Queensland by the looks of it. Those red eyebrows can't be mistaken, can they LOL
  10. That's better

    That's better

    A slight improvement on the previous attempt, when he was high in a tree.... this Mistletoebird was half way down! Beauties, aren't they.
  11. Oh! What a lovely.... bath

    Oh! What a lovely.... bath

    I did warn you I might show you a picture of this lovely Brown Thornbill having a bath. He's really going for it, isn't he. So glad it wasn't the only picture I got, or it would have remained unidentified (and I've a whole load of them in various folders LOL!!!) Saturday Fun
  12. A singing cuckoo

    A singing cuckoo

    Beginning our wander around John and Dora's property, we found a Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo calling from high up in a tree. So high, I had to lean against a wall in order to steady myself to get this picture. Made a mess of the settings rather, so have had to do some work on it to bring out some...
  13. Another view of a honeyeater!

    Another view of a honeyeater!

    Not quite so well coiffeured, especially the front one... looks like he's waiting for the hairdryer!!! Not sure, but this New Holland Honeyeater looks rather young?
  14. One and only

    One and only

    This Brown Thornbill was a new bird for me, and tit was the only one I got pictures of. He'd just come out of the bath and was considering another dip. Which of course he did... I've a few images of him splashing around... maybe post some more for your Saturday enjoyment.
  15. The red one

    The red one

    This is a juvenile Red Wattlebird, not the first I'd seen (which was in Adelaide but without camera). Unfortunately, the sun was shining on the window that morning, so we didn't get the timing right, did we. Sorry... really not been much with it the last few days. Had a bad fall on Saturday...
  16. Southern bathers

    Southern bathers

    I'd only been in South Australia a couple of days but already New Holland Honeyeaters were like old friends LOL. This was the view from the dining room while we were having dinner. Glad I had my camera handy, and no-one seemed to mind me trying to get pictures!!
  17. A nice welcome

    A nice welcome

    The next day we travelled down the Fleurieu Peninsula, as Peter and Adrienne had a long-standing engagement to perform at the Fleurieu Folk Festival over the weekend. At the end of the first day we then went further down the peninsula to stay with some friends (John and Dora - an amazing couple)...
  18. Go away...

    Go away...

    ... this is my hole!!! The Rainbow Lorikeet seems to have taken ownership of that broken snag and was warning me that I wasn't going to get a look in!! My Saturday Fun effort for today.
  19. Cuckoo!!


    or not! More a whistle. We were just organising ourselves into the car for the journey home, when a Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo flew into a tree nearby. Of course I'd seen my first one the day before, so it was really nice to have another look before we left.
  20. Ol' White Eye

    Ol' White Eye

    A New Holland Honeyeater was desperate to have his picture taken and flew into a tree near me and just sat there! I really couldn't ignore him, could I.
  21. Dusky


    I'd briefly seen this one the day before but couldn't get a picture, this guy was rather more obliging. This Dusky Woodswallow meant I'd now seen 5 of the 6 woodswallows to be found in Australia. The remaining one (Little) wasn't really in the areas I visited. This one doesn't appear in the...
  22. Not laughing?

    Not laughing?

    We had a bit more time the next day for wandering around John & Dora's property. I'm not so sure this Kookaburra had landed in the same tree as yesterday's cuckoo? As I remember leaning against the wall of the house to steady myself for this full zoom up high shot. A bird I'd wanted to...
  23. Another old friend

    Another old friend

    Back at John and Dora's just before it got dark, there on the water bath was a wee White-browed Scrubwren. This is a different subspecies to the ones I'd seen further north; so perhaps he's a 'new' friend LOL
  24. The wrong angle

    The wrong angle

    Back at the house, preparing to set off for another day at the folk festival, this Cresent Honeyeater came for a drink and a bath. Unfortunately this is the wrong angle to see the 'crescents' which are on his breast. I'm not sure if I got that view on another day... will just have to see as I...
  25. After seeds

    After seeds

    Now another newbie landed - Purple-crowned Lorikeet. Rather a lovely looking parrot this one, and very active too, he hardly stopped moving. I've seen that seed spike before, but can't remember what it's called.