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  1. sanderling


  2. Mitre Peak.jpg

    Mitre Peak.jpg

    Mitre Peak with its summit at 1,887 m (6,190 feet) elevation. A prominent landmark seen from all surrounding counties. Viewed looking westward along Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp Road.
  3. Mule Deer.jpg

    Mule Deer.jpg

    Yoda the Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus hemionus) in velvet.
  4. Chihuahuan Raven.jpg

    Chihuahuan Raven.jpg

    Chihuahuan Raven (Corvus cryptoleucus)
  5. Cattle Egret

    Cattle Egret

    The only member of its genus "Bubulcus" means Cattle. This one is in high breeding plumage showing a deep orange bill and extensive cinnamon-buff on its head and breast. It is probably a female based on the lack of cinnamon-buff plumes on its back. This is presumably the smaller less colorful...
  6. whimbrel


    subspecies hudsonicus. Considered by IOC as a full species: Hudsonian whimbrel (Numenius hudsonicus)
  7. Western Tanager (female).jpg

    Western Tanager (female).jpg

    Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) female.
  8. Broad-winged Hawk

    Broad-winged Hawk

    This is a juvenile hatched in 2020 showing variable amounts of brown streaking concentrated on the sides of the breast. These small hawks migrate in good numbers through eastern Texas. This is the nominate race "B. p. platypterus" which breeds across much of Eastern North America and winters in...
  9. Oh my!

    Oh my!

    Male House Finch and he sure is a deep red compared to others that are hanging around.
  10. Western Tanager (male).jpg

    Western Tanager (male).jpg

    Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) male.
  11. willet


  12. Yellow-billed Cuckoo

    Yellow-billed Cuckoo

    This secretive but spectacular species breeds in much of Texas but it didn't stay around and was probably an arriving migrant from wintering grounds in South America. Although generally considered monotypic the far western population differs in size and color and probably deserves recognition as...
  13. black oystercatcher

    black oystercatcher

  14. Black-crested Titmouse, 1st yr bird.jpg

    Black-crested Titmouse, 1st yr bird.jpg

    Black-crested Titmouse (Baeolophus atricristatus paloduro) 1st yr bird.
  15. Baltimore Oriole

    Baltimore Oriole

    I posted an adult male earlier, but this is an adult female. These orioles are unrelated to the Old World Orioles (family Oriolidae), but are classified with the New World Blackbirds (family Icteridae). Formerly lumped with the Bullock's Oriole under the name "Northern Oriole" the AOS...
  16. Still Here and...

    Still Here and...

    This Ruby-throat is posed showing all his glory
  17. marbled godwit

    marbled godwit

  18. Black-chinned Hummingbird (female).jpg

    Black-chinned Hummingbird (female).jpg

    Black-chinned Hummingbird (Archilochus alexandria) female.
  19. Swainson's Thrush

    Swainson's Thrush

    This is a fairly common spring migrant in Eastern Texas, less common in the Fall. This species may be separated into two groups, Olive-backed Thrush in the north and east and Russet-backed Thrush in the far west, This is an example of the Olive-backed Thrush. Note the buffy eyering forming...
  20. September Morn with friends

    September Morn with friends

    There were a few of our fine feathered friends just above the tree line in the distance.
  21. September Morn

    September Morn

    Sunrise this morning
  22. My little Chickadee

    My little Chickadee

    Carolina Chickadee. One of my favorites and there are dozens around
  23. short-billed dowitcher

    short-billed dowitcher

  24. White-throated Sparrow

    White-throated Sparrow

    This species is a common winter visitor to East Texas usually departing by April. They are famous for negative assortative mating between the two color morphs. White-striped morphs prefer to mate with tan-striped morphs and vice versa. This appears to be a white-striped morph although it still...
  25. Still here thankfully

    Still here thankfully

    My Hermit Thrush (Hermie) I kind of like the kaleidoscope like backdrop.