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Camera choice for birding around 3000 Euros with lens? (1 Viewer)


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Hello there,

I'm a long-time Canon owner and even though I haven't really used my DSLR much in the past years, I've come back to photography recently after yet another motorcycle crash. I'm currently shooting birds using my 7D Mark II and a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary I just bought. However, I am not really satisfied with the results, mainly in terms of image quality and sharpness, plus low-light performance. I've seen photos shot with the same Sigma and my mate's 6D Mark II and they are way more detailed. Youtubers like Duade Paton, as well as random people on Facebook seem to get much more detail out of it using anything from the 6d2 to Canon R5 and R7. As I started observing and photographing wildlife, I also got interested in taking videos for which the 7d2 is simply no good at all.

Looking at all the lens offerings of different brands, I ended up liking Sony's 200-600 the most. Because of the internal zoom, faster aperture (compared to Canon's RF100-500) and price (half the price of RF100-500 currently on sale here). So naturally, I started looking at their camera body lineup.

After getting the 200-600, I'd be left with around 1500 Euros, so my choice narrowed down to A7 III and A6600. As I find myself using the full 600mm on my APS-C Canon, I'm leaning towards the A6600. My main concern is related to ergonomics, as I'm clearly used to bulkier DSLRs (60d,7d2) but the compactness and weight-savings would probably be worth it, especially when I'm not out for birds with a massive lens attached. There's a heavily discounted A6600 currently on offer with a damaged box in transport, making it much cheaper than the A7 III. I also looked at Sigma's 30mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.4 Contemporary lenses and perhaps I'll buy those too, for more general and portrait photography.

So, am I on the right track? Will the A6600 + Sony 200-600mm combo truly deliver the boost in terms of image quality and autofocus performance that I'm looking for? I know that the A7 III would probably be superior whenever I can fill the frame with my subject, but many times that's not the case even with the 1.6x crop factor on my Canon.

Kind regards,

Edit: New thought - Would the full-frame body be better than the APS-C if I throw in a 1.4x teleconverter to get roughly the same focal distance?
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i started off with a6400 and the sigma 150-600 adapted with the mc11 adaptor and it worked very well . i then bought the sony 200-600 . and an a7iii i had both the a7iii and the a6400 for a while , and preferred the a 7iii , i have upgraded to the a7iv now find it a lot better. than the a7iii

here is my Flickr page. robb d

heres a shot with the a6400 and the sony.
Either camera will be a massive improvement over the 7dmk11
I don't know the a6400 but I have the a7RIIIA and I am happy (but I am considering upgrade to the A7IV or something else in the near future)
Thank you for the insight!
In the meantime, I took a lot more shots, the weather got much better and I guess between the better light and gaining a bit of experience, my shots improved quite a bit, to the point that I decided to just keep shooting with the 7d II and 150-600 for now and upgrade further down the road if I end up really sticking with wildlife photography, which seems like the reasonable thing to do. Both my keeper rate and satisfaction with the images from the last bird outing were higher than ever.
Also with Nikon releasing a new lens that looks like a very promising option for this, I expect Canon to try and catch up. More fierce competition usually brings us better products.

P.S. I also bought a Datacolor SpyderLENSCAL and plan on microadjusting the Sigma using the Dock, so I can squeeze out a bit more out of it.
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