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Lesser Whitethroat ? East London (1 Viewer)

Just thought I’d give a quick update on my little friend. Well it‘s still here. Still spends much of the day sitting in one of my shrubs. It’s found the mealworms I leave out for a pair of Robins and Wrens by my back door. Still not heard it sing but I have heard what I’m guessing are alarm calls as a squirrel interrupted it whilst feeding. Doesn’t appear too bothered by me when I’m doing the gardening. I continue to enjoy its presence while it lasts. It’s been an absolute joy seeing it every day. Apologies for awful pic only had iPad to hand. 34C921EC-59D5-42BC-B759-FC01E5DC0BEF.jpeg
Great that it’s still present Liverbird37,
that’s a stay of at least 7+ weeks for your “Eastern” beauty!
I’ve always felt that people’s “back gardens” represent a great repository of “unknowns”,not just for overwintering, but for passage through the seasons, the mind boggles at the possibilities throughout the realm.
I’m sure it’s final departure date will be of interest to one and all…and thanks for the update.👍
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The one that's a photo taken of a photo displayed on a screen? - that you have been repeatedly asked not to do?
Yep that one ..... 'the photo taken of a photo displayed on a screen' ..... AGAIN!!!!!! ..... I'm getting to think our Ken likes 'photo's taken of a photo displayed on a screen' .... or maybe the attention?
Hope you are all keeping well. As of today it's still here. I just wanted to get some quick advice on a bird I've just spotted at my mealworms bowl. Apologies once again for pic quality but it was a case of split second timing to grab my phone before it flew off.

I'm guessing by leg colour it may be a Common Whitethroat but thought I'd get your much valued opinions.20230411_132346.jpg20230411_132338.jpg
A pretty good double whammy of Whitethroat sp for your London garden, did the Common Whitethroat show interest in the mealworms as well?
Im feeling very blessed right now. I think it’s possible the live mealworms have attracted them in. Yes the CW has spent all day in the garden tucked up in a twisted mass of honeysuckle directly to the right of the mealworms. It pops out regularly to eat a couple and then goes back in the honeysuckle. It does look instantly very different to the lesser. It’s a much lighter chestnut colour which is why it instantly stood out….and the different leg colour was the biggest help.
Lightning striking twice…congrats! Liverbird,
am suitably envious, now where can I get some meal worms🤣
Astonishing! that your LW is still present, it’s departure date will be most interesting to all, might even be a record breaker!👍

Agree that it is a remarkable long stayer. And joined by one of its cousins, perhaps attracted by the prescence of the rarer individual and a source of live food.
Bluethroat next?
Well I'm kind of sad to say I think my little LW friend has moved on. Saw him yesterday eating just before 7am and he wasn't seen for the rest of the day yesterday or today. Miss the little fella. Had got used to seeing him every day sitting in the same shrub.

Who knows, maybe he will pass on his good reviews to his mates and i'll see him again next year, but if not, it was an absolute joy having him here for so long. I'm comforting myself with the arrival of the CW who has spent all day again, between the mealworms and the

The feeding of live mealworms was only intended to help a sickly Robin fledgling, but has encouraged so many other birds I'd not normally see, into the garden. Word of warning though. Word seemed to get around the feathered neighbourhood very quickly. What started out as helping one bird, has now become a 500g bag a week task. To say I'm dreading nesting time is an understatement.
I make that a stay of 70 days Liverbird, I don’t know if you ( or Ken?) have reported it ‘officially’ but I’m sure it would be of interest and find its way into the London Bird Report in due course if you did , I think this is the right link: London Natural History Society - Recording Birds

Make sure you clean that mealworm bowl regularly, it’s clearly getting plenty of customers!
Thank you so much for all of your help and insight. I genuinely am so very grateful. I haven't reported it but I will so thank you for providing the link. I wouldn't of had the first clue on how to do it.

Believe it or not I do clean it every time I fill it each morning. The weather has been really bad here with the rain so it's been a bit of a nightmare. Whilst I'm at it can I be cheeky and see if any of you can help me with this bird that came to the mealworms today. It was incredibly flighty so only managed to get this awful pic through a rain drenched window. It's tail was incredibly long for the size of its body. I thought it was a robin initially from behind, but it had a light coloured line above it's eye. I'll keep a look out see if it comes back. 20230412_161015.jpg
Your previous bird looks like a Chiffchaff and the recent one could well be one as well but I doubt you can be sure from that one photo.
Liverbird Hi,

Unsure of the long-tailed bird as of yet, the last image is of a Phylloscopus warbler, probably Chiffchaff.
I send my records (when I send them…to London Wiki Birds) these are reviewed by the LNHS and can be accessed by the London Bird Report for inclusion in their annual report.

A request if possible?…might you take a shot from your upstairs window of your garden/ neighbours gardens, to give us “lesser mortals” an idea of what can be attracted to an “average” garden…might be most inspiring for the readership? 👍

Many thanks
The one that's a photo taken of a photo displayed on a screen? - that you have been repeatedly asked not to do?

Just a personal observation, but firstly an apology to Liverbird 37 for taking the thread off topic, I think that the BOC image is better that no image and we know than KenM had problems with his over-taxed set up at home at the moment, so it might just be more civil to accept that as it is and stop the bickering, don't you think?
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