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Virginia finch -- House or Purple or ...? (1 Viewer)


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Purple for me - straight culmen, purple flanks. But can see it looks a bit odd, I guess the hybrid suggestion needs to be considered seriously.

Seth Miller

Well-known member
No way that's a pure male House Finch. Looks better for Purple to me, but could also be a hybrid as you said.

D Halas

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Another vote for Purple Finch that may well have some House Finch ancestry, but definitely not a pure House Finch.


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Looks pretty ‘Purplely’ to me.

Here’s what BNA-online has to say about hybridization. . ..

“Hybridization may occur but requires further study. . . Evidence of intermediate forms between Purple Finch and (its) . . . congeners suggests possible hybridization. . . .Report of a male House Finch consorting with a female Purple Finch and her fledglings in Allegheny Co., NY, . . .and observation of an intermediate morph between a Purple Finch and a House Finch (voice similar in tonal quality but not pattern to House Finch; red coloration in areas typical of House Finch, but rosier and lacking the orange hues typical of House Finch; underparts white and lacking streaks, as is typical of Purple Finch) in Philadelphia, PA”.
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