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Would it be crazy to get a pair of 7x35 Retrovids instead of 8x32 HD+ Uvids? (1 Viewer)

Gilmore Girl

United States
Is there a beginner place on here? Not interested in optics. Interested in birds.
hi Jeff,
Birdforum is large and has a lot of subforums. You're in the binoculars sub forum right now. Just go to the main forums section and you'll find many subforums for birds and birding.
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Was not expecting all this techno stuff when I signed up. I figure a big upgrade is going from the naked eye to any magnification.

Sounds crazy to me.

Is there a beginner place on here? Not interested in optics. Interested in birds.

LOL!!! Welcome to the internet :LOL::ROFLMAO::rolleyes:

Not only do forums have different sections, you don't have to post each sentence in its own post and clutter up a thread with redundant irrelevancies.

How did you even end up on this thread?


Jeff Jensen,

I think you might be in the wrong sub-forum, however there is a plethora of bird information in the other forums, take a gander.

Andy W.


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I'm a fan of 30/32/35 mm binocular objectives (I've never owned 40/42mm binoculars, though I have used many different ones). To the OP, I know you won't go wrong with the 7x42 Ultravid... it's a mind blowing binocular.

My first binocular was a 7x35 back in the early 1970's. Later in the 80's I moved to a Nikon 8x30. Since then I've had a Swarovski SLC's in both 7x30 and 8x30, a Zeiss 8x32 FL, and three Leica 8x32's, a BN, BR, and currently the HD.

Were I to buy a 42mm binocular, the Leica 7x42 would probably top the list, followed by the 8x42 Noctivid or perhaps Ultravid.

When Leica announced the 7x35 Trinovid (Retrovid) I was ecstatic. I've always thought the 7x35 size is the finest all-around compromise for size, weight, magnification, and exit pupil. When it didn't readily appear some years back after its initial announcement I was disappointed. When it was finally released this year without an armored version (and lacking waterproofing and objective covers) I was also disappointed. However, I've gotten past all that. I'll buy a pair this coming year, and will retrofit HD objective covers (or whatever) and the BN ocular rain guard to it. While I haven't actually looked through a pair, the quality of reviews found on this forum and elsewhere leaves me little doubt I'll love them.

Lastly (and aside) I often see forum members recommending the 8x32 Zeiss FL when the subject of 30-ish mm binoculars comes up. While there is much to like about them, in the sample of one I owned (and others I've subsequently tried) I found them optically inferior to a circa 2007 Leica 8x32 BR I had. Apart from general viewing, I also compared them on the USAF optics chart in a variety of lighting conditions over many days to the 8x32 BR I had at the time. The Leica had undisputedly better resolution no matter the lighting. I also preferred the Leica's warmer image. In the hands, the Zeiss build also felt and looked cheap compared to the Ultravid. The only thing about the Zeiss I preferred over the Leica was its eye-relief, but it wasn't significantly better enough to offset its other faults. I got rid of them.

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