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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Zuiko 100-400 mm (1 Viewer)


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the first thing noticed when received it late December 2020, that its a bit lighter than the 300 mm pro f4, but not much. here are the main points:

1- i am using it with the OM D1 mark III, the sharpness is quite impressive in very good light specially it you adjust it for the super control panel, and here you have to experiment as the value depends of the distant of the bird, i found +1 enough for the birds in my garden in a distant between 4-8 meters. for more distant birds stopping down to 8 or even 11 would help much.
After i started to use DOX photolab 4 i stopped worrying about going with the iso as high as 4000.

2- the CAF was horrible was really frustrated because i got some nice results with the much older 40-150 f2.8 +1.4 TC, the 300 mm f4 was the best no doubt, but with this one my hit rate was zero.

3- the IS with video was also nothing like what i use to have with the OM D 5 mark II + 300 mm pro f4 or the 40-150 mm pro. tried putting the lens IS off and rely on the IBIS it improved a bit but still nothing like what is excepted from Olympus mirroless.

thought of rebuying the 300 mm f4, but then i thought i should read more, to find why, and in one of the Olympus users facebook pages someone was talking about the new firmware and how it is nessacary to make focus staking available with this lens. i thought let me try that i got the camera back in February 2020 before this lens was announced.

when i wanted to making the firmware update just couldn't find the cable to make it thought Olympus workspace as use to. so more frustration, and it took me sometime to remember that they say one cam update the firmware of the 1 mark III with the Ol share app, yes, that was it. very easy to figure out, the only thing is that your battery should be 100% charged, but don't worry if it isn't they will not start the update and warn you. excellent process as it is fast and they return your setting just as they were.

video IS became excellent after the update, did not find swallows or terns the next day to test the CAF, but i will let you know when i do.

long story shot, to get the best results with this lens update your firmware.
another thing if the light is good its sharpness is no less than the 300 mm pro.

But still the 300 mm pro more reliable on low light, have to send mine for service.
Hi, any recommendations for a bag for the 100-400 on an EM5 mark III?
I think you might get more answers if you describe what you want to be able to do with that bag. Backpack/belt/over the shoulder? carried assembled or next to each other? for daily use or for air travel?

this video is after the update.

Nice video. A couple of tips for you, if it helps?

Get an ND filter so that you can bring the shutter speed down to 1/50th (25fps video) or 1/60th for 30fps video. Normally 3-4 stops, so ND8 or ND16 works. Video clips are a series of focussed blurs, so you don't want high shutter speeds, try it and you will see what I mean.

Adjust the stabilisation to Mode 2 (from memory, please check) so it allows you to pan without trying to correct you. This will sort out the jerkiness of the pans.
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