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Originally Posted by scampo
I think even their competitors, if pushed, would say "Doh... yes...". Leica have the very highest tech coatings for brightness and the 25mm objectives just give the extra size to keep them still genuinely compact and light but make them very "holdable" as well as adding to the brightness. The oversize focusing wheel is also a very fine piece of design indeed, falling naturally into place for rapid (and supremely smooth) focusing. Another feature is the razor edge to edge sharpness.
My only 'complaint' (too strong a word--make that 'wish') would be a bit wider FOV, but the view, ergomatics, feel of my 10x25 Ultravid BCRs is unbeatable! After sampling Zeiss 10x25 Classics (nice view, but rubber eyecups) and 10x25 Brunton Epochs (wider FOV, but heavy & overpriced) the best value was the Leica!
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